SC Approves Assessment Scheme; Says, ‘There’s No Reason to Interfere as it’s Fair and Reasonable’

The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday began hearing its application on the assessment process approved by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Indian School Certification Examination Council (CISCE). The high court began its hearing at 2 p.m. and will hear hearings related to the cancellation of CBSE room exams, independent CBSE exams, repetitive exams, and the adoption of the same state board process. Earlier on Monday, the court said that although it had approved the screening process, it would listen to applicants before proposing any changes to it.

04:45 pm: The Supreme Court has ordered the state of Andhra Pradesh to file an affidavit within two days stating their final decision regarding the examination. The case was postponed to Thursday (June 24). All other State boards will also submit their affidavit at this time. Read on

04:42 pm: Supreme Court Tells Andhra Pradesh Govt For Holding Class 12 Tests, “If one person dies, we will make the state face it”. The bench was listening to a PIL filed by Advocate Anubha Sahai Srivastava seeking the cancellation of state board exams.

04:40 pm: The State of Kerala has filed an affidavit stating that the conditional decision to take the Grade 11 exams is scheduled. Andhra Pradesh Adviser submits that the right decision will be taken by the Government and put on record tomorrow.

04:35 pm: The Supreme Court bench also supported the evaluation schemes conducted by CBSE and ICSE, recognizing that it was the decision of experts in the field, where there would be no “second guess” in the law.

 SC Approves Assessment Scheme; Says, ‘There’s No Reason to Interfere as it’s Fair and Reasonable’
SC Approves Assessment Scheme; Says, ‘There’s No Reason to Interfere as it’s Fair and Reasonable’

04:30 pm: A panel comprising judges AM Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari dismissed a number of complaints that challenged the cancellation of the exams considering the decision was “sufficiently informed” and was taken “at the highest level” to protect the welfare of 20 lakh students.

04:20 pm: The Supreme Court dismisses appeals against CBSE and ICSE’s decision to cancel the exams and allows for the continuation of the board-issued assessment process to test the student exam pattern.

04:10 pm: The bench held that there was no reason to interfere in the CBSE and ICSE programs, as they were “fair and reasonable and take into account the concerns of all students and are of public interest”. The justice bench did not appreciate the submissions made by private school teacher Anshul Gupta, who appeared as a participant, who demanded that the tests be conducted.

04:05 pm: The current program states that exams will be held where all students can be considered as independent students and the exams will be from August 15 to September 15 and the results will be immediate so that these students can continue their work if you want. In view of this, we believe that there is no need to interfere with the program presented by CBSE and ICSE as there are other student groups that support this, and we also make it clear that this program makes sense. It looks at the concerns of all students. Both petitions have been rejected, said Justice AM Khanwilkar.

04:00 pm: Opposition to private, private and Patrachar student protests. The analogy of the proposed system cannot be applied to independent students, classrooms, or students.

03:45 pm: If other Boards have done the tests, it does not mean that the Boards before us will do so. These Boards are independent boards. They have decided to cancel the exams according to them which are of great public interest to the students.

03:30 pm: CBSE Compartment exams may be held from August 15, depending on the circumstances, the Indian Attorney General told the Supreme Court.

02:50 pm: High Court bench said to the applicant, “Students come to us saying that uncertainty affects.

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