Justin, Hailey Bieber’s surprise meet with French Prez Emmanuel Macron in Paris

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber and his wife, supermodel Hailey Bieber recently took a romantic tour of Paris, and the two attended an unexpected meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, at the presidency. at Elysee Palace on Monday, and the group created a beautiful and fashionable image.

Justin and Hailey wore nines at their recent meeting. The Grammy-winning singer took to his Instagram account and shared a photo of himself and his wife approaching the French President and his wife. At the meeting, Justin was wearing a gray suit, a white button-up shirt, blue Nike shoes and a host of necklaces. Hailey moved the heels of the dress with a tan halter to wrap the dress, and her hair in her signature brought back a strong low belt.

Justin did not post the photo in any form with an explanation for his visit, and his fans seemed surprised by the opp picture. Someone wrote in French, “I didn’t expect this.” Someone just added, “#boss.” The commentator laughed at Hailey’s lips that followed and wrote: “Hailey: Really?”

It is unclear why the couple, who were romantically involved, visited the French president, ahead of his bid for re-election next year. In 2020, Hailey was voting for the US presidential election but rarely became involved in certain political issues.

Justin, Hailey Bieber's surprise meet with French Prez Emmanuel Macron in Paris
Justin, Hailey Bieber’s surprise meet with French Prez Emmanuel Macron in Paris

Outside of the meeting, the couple spent most of their vacation in Paris. Justin was seen enjoying a meal in an uptale Carette tea room with beautiful Eiffel Tower views while playing a gray hoodie and khakis. Meanwhile, Hailey was spotted walking down Avenue Montaigne upstairs with lavender, a little purple skirt and black loafers.

They seem to be reuniting to go shopping at the KITH store, making a full day of sightseeing.

The stars appeared to be wearing the same outfit when Bieber posted a photo of the couple on Instagram an hour after their political encounter. Justin and Hailey had their tongues out on a selfie.

After being found in the Elysee palace, the couple then enjoyed a lunch in Dinand by Ferdi street restaurant, an eyewitness told E! News.

Later, the Biebers turned into another nightclub. The model wore a pink dress, and the Drew House designer wore a smiling face hat from her fashion line.

An eyewitness said they were on their way to a dinner party across the street, in Le Stresa near the high fashion district Champs-Elysees.

Paris remains the duo’s favorite destination, Hailey heading to Paris Fashion Week in February 2020 before the global coronavirus closure.

She returned to the City of Light this year with her husband to celebrate her 27th birthday in March. The ‘Lonely’ singer was even photographed singing on the roof of the Paris’ Hotel de Crillon during an escape in March.

Earlier in the day, the artist had released his sixth album titled ‘Justice’ on March 19. Justin also released a deluxe album type on March 26, featuring six additional songs.

Prior to ‘Justice’, the Grammy-winning artist released ‘Chols’ on February 14 last year, featuring the songs’ Yummy’, ‘Intentions’, and’ Forever ‘The album was nominated for the Grammys’ top vocals album and it has been his return to music since he released ‘Purpose’ in 2015.

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