Imran Khan a ‘coward’: Bilawal Bhutto slams Pak PM over his remarks on rape

Pakistani opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for his opposition to sexual violence, saying the clothes worn by a person were not related to rape or torture.

Speaking to the media, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari called the prime minister “cowardly” and said his remarks were “disappointing”.

During the discussion, Pakistani Prime Minister Khan had suggested that avoiding “social temptation” was a way to prevent sexual harassment of women.

Bhutto – Zardari said that such cases should not be linked to a single cause … a person’s clothing has nothing to do with rape or abuse.

“Imran Khan’s statements before and after the inauguration are different …. He has been a coward from day one,” the PPP leader said.

In an interview with Axios’ on HBO, Khan said: “If a woman wears too few clothes that will affect men unless they are robots. That’s a good idea.”

Imran Khan a 'coward': Bilawal Bhutto slams Pak PM over his remarks on rape
Imran Khan a ‘coward’: Bilawal Bhutto slams Pak PM over his remarks on rape

He added saying that he did not meant the concept of ‘purdah’. Avoid temptation in the community. They don’t have discos here, they don’t have nightclubs. It’s a completely different way of life in the community here. So if you raise the temptation the community has come to the point there – it has an impact on society,.

This comes two months after Imran Khan’s comments on sexual violence, in which he said the increase in such violence in Pakistan, especially against children, was due to “fuss” (swearing).

Official statistics in Pakistan show that at least 11 cases of rape are reported in that country every day, and more than 22,000 incidents have been reported to the police in the past six years.

However, only 77 suspects were found guilty including 0.3 percent of the total, Geo News reported.

Khan’s recent controversial remarks have led to angry outbursts on social media as broadcasters have called his remarks “blame on the victims”.

Responding to the remarks, journalist Gharidah Farooqi described his reaction to the Prime Minister’s remarks as “disgusting,” “shocking” and “angry”, Dawn reported.

“I’m disgusted. I’m shocked Victims. Don’t forgive rape as a temptation,” she tweeted.

Another writer, Shahmir Sanni, said: “The most annoying thing about Imran Khan’s reasons for rape is that almost all women who have been raped in Pakistan wear what they would put on modest clothing. This has nothing to do with clothing, but one man just tries to avoid responding. He is sick.”

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