PUBG Mobile India avatar Battlegrounds Mobile found sending data to servers in China

Krafton’s worst fears about its PUBG Mobile India avatar, Battlegrounds Mobile India, are likely to come true. And no one but Krafton is to blame for that. Battlegrounds Mobile India allegedly sends the details of Android players to Android servers to Chinese servers, including one owned by Tencent – the publisher of PUBG Mobile. Among the servers used by Battlegrounds Mobile India to communicate, China Mobile Communications has emerged as one of the most widely used. The PUBG Mobile India model also reportedly transmits data between servers located in Hong Kong, Moscow, US and Mumbai.

According to an IGN India report, quoting some Battlegrounds Mobile India players and seeking independent confirmation, Battlegrounds Mobile India does not comply with Krafton’s claim last year when it announced PUBG Mobile India again, and last week when it was released. The people of IGN India used the sniffer packet app before playing the game on Battlegrounds Mobile India, after which you discovered that the game was exchanging information about Chinese servers among other non-local servers.

The packer sniffer app log shows several IP addresses that Battlegrounds Mobile India has established to communicate with a number of devices. Using a whois search (search engine to trace the origin of the IP address), IGN India found that there was a single IP address used by Battlegrounds Mobile and owned by China Telecommunications company China Mobile Communications Corporation. The server is located in Beijing, according to the report. And it also made a shocking revelation that the game was sending device data. There are screenshots to retrieve this claim, and it appears Krafton has been used for this here.

PUBG Mobile India avatar Battlegrounds Mobile found sending data to servers in China
PUBG Mobile India avatar Battlegrounds Mobile found sending data to servers in China

Not only is state-owned telecommunications company, Battlegrounds Mobile India also set up communications with Tencent servers. There was a ping server, a server linked to Qcloud – Tencent’s cloud platform – and an anti-cheating Tencent server used by PUBG Mobile to scam fraudsters in the game. The status of the IP addresses in the whois log indicates that Battlegrounds Mobile actually sends the data to China, but whether it retains it for a specific purpose is unclear. Outside of China, the game communicates with servers in the US, Moscow, and Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong. All of this is contrary to what Krafton promised.

There are pings on servers in India, too. Battlegrounds Mobile is establishing a server connection with Microsoft Azure Centers in Mumbai. Last year, Krafton said it would eventually process Indian player data on servers in India and Singapore, but the privacy policy also stipulates that there may be data transfer “abroad” to meet “legal requirements”. Should this new information take place, Krafton may have a way out of this with a privacy policy. However, the Indian government will have the final say on the matter and hopefully it will not end like this last year.

India banned PUBG Mobile and 117 other applications last year as a threat to India’s sovereignty and security. A simple explanation for the ban was that all applications were associated with a Chinese company. However, when the apps were shown to the outgoing department last year, there was nothing about the firms doing them. And that’s why Tencent and many other companies from China are still operating in India – although some of them have had to reduce their workforce while others have had to block other businesses that cause losses in order to continue operating.

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