Thane civic body holds Covid-19 vaccination camp for transgender community

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) on Saturday organized a special camp for the transgender community even though most of them do not have the proper registration documents for the Covid-19 vaccination center.

Bawana, a transgender who spoke to ANI, said, “We have been fighting the disease for two years now. We also needed to be vaccinated but most of us do not have an Aadhar card. For this reason we could not be vaccinated.”

“We are very grateful to the management who organized the camp. They not only helped us with the vaccine, but also in our literature. They gave us forms to prepare our basic documents. transgender.

Dr Aayaz Sheikh, chief medical officer at the center, said, “We have always wanted to help selected people who could not be vaccinated due to inadequate documentation or financial restrictions. It was the mayor’s and municipal commissioner’s idea to organize various camps for selected people.”

Responding to doubts that more than 100 people were passing but only 20-25 were about to take part in the camp, Sheikh said, “There are fears among them about its negative consequences. We have a counseling group. Even after vaccination, we advise beneficiaries.”

Thane civic body holds Covid-19 vaccination camp for transgender community
Thane civic body holds Covid-19 vaccination camp for transgender community

“We have organized such a campaign for change because they need special care, especially during the Covid-19 era. We want to ensure that everyone is vaccinated. This is the only immunization center where a transit camp is set up. at the Vaccination Center

He added saying that the Thane Municipal Corporation has come up with the idea for a special transgender community immunization camp. A special Nodal Officer has been appointed to work with the community and if they do not have their correct address or ID certificate they will still be considered for immunizations by the Nodal official under the special category.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra recorded 8,912 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, a state health report said. The state had also recorded near to 257 deaths due to the virus yesterday. The total number of Covid-19 in Maharashtra now stands at 59,63,420, and 1,17,356 patients in the province have lost their lives as a result of the epidemic to date. is 1.97 percent, according to the country’s health brochure.

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