Theaterisation plans being refined through wider talks before seeking nod from CCS

Theaterisation plans being refined through wider talks before seeking nod from CCS. The Department of Defense and Armed Forces are scrutinizing military plans through in-depth consultations and discussions with other relevant departments before seeking the approval of the Cabinet Security Committee (CCS) to implement long-awaited military reforms to make better use of military resources, senior development officials said on Thursday.

Various issues related to the construction of the theater were discussed and scrutinized by senior government officials who reviewed the new cabinet document at a meeting held at the South Block earlier this month, said one of the officials mentioned above.

Key points discussed include theater commanders, the area they will be in charge of, commanding and controlling the structures, the budget, extending the work to the top three-star executives who will take over as theaters and put some military forces under command, the second official said. Some of these problems involve finance and home affairs departments.

Theater means placing certain units of the army, navy and air force under the control of the theater. Such instructions must be administered by an official in any of these three services, depending on the roles assigned to them.

Theaterisation plans being refined through wider talks before seeking nod from CCS
Theaterisation plans being refined through wider talks before seeking nod from CCS

HT reported in February that India was due to begin the official release of its long-awaited theater program, with Air Defense Command and Maritime Theater Command likely to be launched in May. Discussing proposals for this proposal is likely to take longer as all stakeholders must be included in the board and the past may be reviewed.

The first official said that the procedures must be followed before a proposal can be submitted to the CCS for approval. We will have to have a lot of conversations to sign the details of the theater program. All stakeholders must agree on what is the best way to address the country’s security needs. But there will be no further delays.

In addition to Air Defense and Maritime Theater Commands, India is expected to have three more integrated commands to protect its western, north and east borders. In addition, the logistics mandate is in the works to prevent duplication of effort and resources.

“Some military personnel, under the auspices of the Ministry of Home Affairs, may be included in the theater rules. The coast guard will also be under the Maritime Theater Command. These issues are being discussed, ”said a second official.

Experts say that building consensus among participants is essential to moving the theater system forward. It is important to address the concerns of all stakeholders, including the services and other departments concerned, before a Cabinet letter is approved for approval by the CCS, said former military director general Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia (retd).

Bhatia said that a final decision will be made after due diligence to resolve all matters relating to theater rules. I hope that theater will be prioritized and the necessary approval will be given in advance so that the soldiers are ready for the future and can face the challenges that arise.

The government expects General Bipin Rawat, who took over as India’s first defense chief (CDS) on January 1, 2020, to bring about unity between the three services over a three-year period (January 2023). One way to achieve this is to set up integrated theater systems.

The operational control of all theater regulations will ultimately be under the CDS, with service managers responsible for maximizing, training and retaining their capabilities, as previously reported by HT.

Rawat wears three helmets – is the permanent chairman of the COSC, heads of the military affairs department (DMA), and is a one-point military adviser to the defense minister.

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