Joe Biden And Vladimir Putin Won’t Be Friends But See Path Together

Joe Biden And Vladimir Putin Won’t Be Friends But See Path Together. There was no talk of looking at the “soul” of Vladimir Putin and the Russian president did not try to enlighten a senior US leader.

Instead, Putin’s first summit with the fifth US president of his time, Joe Biden, was about mutual respect – and a meeting in Geneva, they would both say, could lead to a tangible relationship, if it is still tense.

Opposing his predecessors, Biden did not suggest that he expected to renew the relationship and has already exerted pressure on Russia on issues of concern including the alleged election, attacks on cybercriminals against the Colonial Pipeline and other US infrastructure and the arrests and arrests of dissenters. .

But after earlier speeches that included calling Putin a “murderer,” Biden on the eve of the summit described the Russian leader as “the rightful enemy” and at a press conference later said he would see where they liked the same things.

Putin, who at his 2018 conference with Donald Trump in Helsinki was widely regarded as the president of a television star who became president, called Biden a “very knowledgeable politician” who could speak in more than three “very constructive” hours of speeches.

“Biden is often someone who seeks constructive relationships. He doesn’t consider Putin a friend,” said Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group.

In line with his view of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Biden “does not trust them but expects Russia to use them and both countries have a vested interest in where we should work together,” Bremmer said.

Bremmer said the relationship test will come after that.

He Said that he wants to see that in the next three months they have a few savings cases and nothing in the balance we have compared to the colonial pipeline from Russia and that this is very important.

Joe Biden And Vladimir Putin Won't Be Friends But See Path Together
Joe Biden And Vladimir Putin Won’t Be Friends But See Path Together

The Foundation of the Future

Putin made no promises at his press conference on cybercrime, apparently denying Russia’s involvement, but Biden, pointing out that he had sent a warning, said Putin “knew there were consequences” to Russia’s actions.

The leaders said they would return ambassadors to each other’s capital and that strategists would work to release prisoners.

Yuval Weber who is a Russian specialist at the Wilson Center Kenan Institute said that he is not sure how much better it would have been but it would have been worse. This would have been naming, posting, teaching, communicating.

Unlike the Cold War, in which American and Soviet leaders would come together to sign treaties on major issues such as nuclear weapons, Biden and Putin did not expect a genocide in Geneva, Weber said.

“What they wanted was whether they could get along enough in person to keep the conversation going,” Weber said.

Weber said Putin was “notorious for having very thin skin” who may not have received Biden’s initial comments about him.

By calling Putin a “legitimate enemy” and referring to Russia as a powerful nation, Biden follows the strategy of “saying the things Putin can get into,” Weber said.

US Separated Divisions

Former South African President Barack Obama has angered Putin by calling Russia, backing separatists in Ukraine, “regional power” acting “not because of strength but weakness.”

But Obama, as a former President, has taken the reins in the hope that he will restore relations with Russia. George W. Bush became famous after meeting Putin in 2001 that he could “get the sense of his soul.”

Trump broke the mold by voicing his admiration for Putin. After his 2018 rally in Helsinki, Trump even criticized his own Republican Party when he appeared to be taking Putin’s denial of interference in the election – as Putin also openly said he wanted Trump to be president.

Republicans immediately attacked Biden at a Geneva conference, saying he should have been embroiled in controversy.

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