Aditya Narayan: Feeling good is more important than looking good

Aditya Narayan: Feeling good is more important than looking good. The host talks about his weight loss trip two months ago, “which was an introductory post”, and why a person should be patient with his body

Music-carrying actress Aditya Narayan has posted two posts showing her weight loss over the past two months. He calls them “self-identifying posts”. “After a photo of my happy body fat, I sent a picture of my person to remind myself, ‘look, how far you have traveled in just eight weeks. I feel like if I can encourage a few people along the way, then it’s worth it. You don’t always have to look good. The idea is to stay positive,” he said. Narayan.

He admits he had no intention of losing weight but as he had lost weight in his marriage in January, he realized he was back to normal. He shares, “The day I was diagnosed with the disease, I was 84 kgs, and I was usually 75 pounds. Even though I was overweight, I felt it was in control and I was going to take it off soon. Thanks to Covid and herbal remedies, a lot of water was stored and nutrition was important, so I did not worry about weight and ate what my body needed. When I tested positive, I took it lightly. I started walking for 10 minutes and gradually increased the time. Three weeks later, I started doing exercises and exercising but there was no change in my body in the first month. I felt my strength grow and two weeks ago, radical changes took place. I fasted from time to time which also helped. ”

Aditya Narayan: Feeling good is more important than looking good
Aditya Narayan: Feeling good is more important than looking good

Narayan has received an unpleasant comment about his fat picture but he dismisses them. He says the idea was to encourage people to get used to it and tell them to be patient with your body. “Most people want an immediate fix. Feeling good is more important than looking good. You do not have to pack six packs to fit. People look for good celebs but please remember, they are paid to look good, which is their biggest incentive. I was hired so I had to get back to the status of my true plan. Motivation helps. Anyone who wants to be equal to Covid, should do it slowly and listen to your body. It is more important to be prepared now than ever before. We are all going through difficult times – physically, mentally and spiritually. We live strange lives, we are very homesick, we don’t get along and we don’t get along with people, almost everything affects us all. We must use this time to improve ourselves and be healthy, ”he concluded.

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