‘Rahul Gandhi must answer’: Minister on fuel price hikes in Congress states

Petroleum Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday trained guns on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his attack on the central government over rising fuel prices. Pradhan said Gandhi should ask provincial ministers what Congress is up to if he is concerned about the burden on the common man.

Fuel prices in seven Indian provinces such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka have already exceeded ₹ 100-mark, registering historically high places.

“Rahul Gandhi has to answer why it costs petrol in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab? is the ANI news center.

Gandhi should ask Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray to reduce taxes, added Pradan.

However, the minister of fuel did not suggest a similar move in the Baratiya Janata Party (BJP) provinces, such as Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, where consumers experience rising fuel prices. Petrol prices have been increased 23 times since last month.

Rahul Gandhi, in his latest attack on the government, asked how much the BJP would “rob”. “GDP crashes, unemployment are rising, petrol prices are rising. How many other ways is #BJPLootingIndia,” he asked on Twitter on Friday.

Congress on Friday staged protests in many parts of the country against rising fuel prices, with more than 150 members arrested in Gujarat, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh for allegedly violating Covid’s law and protesting without permission.

Petrol prices vary from province to province depending on local tax rates such as VAT and property costs. As a result, petrol sells more than ₹ 100 liters per region and union areas – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Ladakh.

'Rahul Gandhi must answer': Minister on fuel price hikes in Congress states
‘Rahul Gandhi must answer’: Minister on fuel price hikes in Congress states

Petrol and diesel prices have risen sharply across the country after petrol prices rose by 7 5.72 to ₹ 6.25 per liter in less than six weeks.

Pradhan’s remarks at the opening of an oxygen plant at Maharaj Agrasen Hospital in New Delhi, the first of seven state-owned oil companies in the national capital ahead of the next third Covid-19 wave.

Acknowledging the hardships faced by citizens, Pradhan said he accepted that fuel prices were declining consumers. Central governments and governments need more money on petrol and diesel taxes to meet the costs of fighting the epidemic and development work, he told reporters.

The increase in petrol prices in India is due to a combination of rising oil prices abroad and a record high inland and inland.

While overseas oil prices exceed USD 72 per barrel in anticipation of demand following the launch of a vaccination program in various countries.

Last year, when prices plummeted to a minimum of 12 years, the Union government instead of transferring profits to consumers raised property taxes to make it higher.

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