Xinjiang a ‘dystopian hellscape’ where torture is common: Report

It is to be a man in connection with the violation of the rights of the Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang Province, “in the darkness of hell,” in which the “brainwashing, torture, and so is the bread-and-butter,”a new report from the human rights group Amnesty International notes.

In its statement on Thursday, saying that hundreds of thousands of men and women, in a a number of of the Muslim minorities are being subjected to mass detention and torture, the system of mass surveillance, in order to force them give up their religious traditions, customs, and language.

“The uighurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities in China’s Xinjiang region are facing systematic discrimination, which will be organised by the state-sponsored mass of the prison, finds out, and the harassment, which amounts to a crime against humanity,” the statement said, referring to a lot of the testimonies of former prisoners.

Loss of sleep, beatings, and the use of the “tiger chairs – stools-iron with iron straps for holding the interrogator safe registered, according to the report, in addition to allowing prisoners to bear hooded and shackled during the hearing.

“The Chinese government has created a SOIREE ‘dystopian hellscape”, which is a great scale, ” said Jennifer Callamar, Amnesty international’s secretary-general.

Callamard said that this has got to be a challenge to the conscience of mankind, and that a large number of people have been subjected to brainwashing, torture and other ill-treatment in detention facilities, while millions more are living in the fear of the lord in the midst of a vast surveillance apparatus.

The Chinese government does not deny the existence of the SOIREE’s camp – it was the first recognized their very existence in October of 2018, but it says that they are a part of our efforts to prevent and combat terrorism and de-radicalize the region, in accordance with the act, to save lives.

Xinjiang a ‘dystopian hellscape’ where torture is common: Report
Xinjiang a ‘dystopian hellscape’ where torture is common: Report

In February, the State council member and Minister of foreign affairs, Wang Yi, said the UN Human Rights Council as a counter-terrorism measures are in conformity with the law and in the Xinjiang region, “social stability and sustainable development after a four year absence, one of terror, “in the case.”

According to him, the people of all ethnic groups are more likely to use employment law, and Muslims can freely ask in the 24,000 mosques in Xinjiang.

Amnesty international, however, said that the fight against terrorism could not reasonably be able to explain the mass storage, and the measures taken by the Chinese government to show a clear commitment to address a portion of the population in the region of Xinjiang, the collective and the basis of religion and ethnicity, and the use of violence and intimidation in order to eradicate Islam, religious beliefs, as well as the Turkish-Muslim ethno-cultural practices.

The report also said that the Muslims were not permitted to practice their faith freely in the Xinjiang region. Dozens of Muslim men and women, ” said the organization is: “The Chinese authorities are taking extreme hostility vis-à-vis the islamic faith. Major religious and cultural practice, it would be considered to be “the man” and how it uses the QR.

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