Saira Banu waves at paparazzi as she takes Dilip Kumar home, thanks supporters

Saira Banu said that Allah ka shukr hay dilip saab in the snow vapas one summer and that she is so happy today with her husband, the legendary actor, Dilip Kumar, returns to Mumbai after a successful lung operation.

The 98-year-old director was in the hospital, and then, on the 6th of June, on the complaints he has made, he was diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion.

“Jitna exchange shukriya aada karein unn sabka jinhone Dilip saab tandursati ke liye duayein the, woh hai kun. He was returning home. Now, we are going to continue to treat him with antibiotics, because there was water in his lungs, “Banu said was,” and adds that “a large part of the key, and the key to time.

“Thanks, I was able to get out of this situation, now I’m feeling good. With the help of God, with all your prayers and well wishes, and he’s going to continue to feel at home, ” he said.

The current pandemic has made working with public health, and the fears, the more difficult for the families, the Banu agree.

Saira Banu waves at paparazzi as she takes Dilip Kumar home, thanks supporters
Saira Banu waves at paparazzi as she takes Dilip Kumar home, thanks supporters

“Bahut hi mushkil tha. We are happy, that people love him so much, and the people gathered around him in order to get to know him as soon as possible, from the doctors to the staff. They are taking care of him day and night, ” he said. “I am grateful to him for it, boy.

Once informed of Natalie’s health status, Bollywood celebrities, including: V, Dharmendra, Manoj Bajpai and others, have expressed their best wishes for a speedy recovery. A few went out to meet him at the hospital.

Banu thank you to everyone who has sent a positive message to a veteran who has found a special place in the Indian at this point, thanks to the cinematic gems that We-Azam, Devdas, Naya Daur, and Ram Aur Shyam.

Banu who was married to Muhammad in the year 1966 would like to thank each and every person. One is an ” ocean of America, of which one went to the church, the whole of the night in order to pray. Koi masjid gaya. How can I not be thankful enough for all of us.

To sum up, he’s calling on all of you to continue to send prayers for the health of Dilip Saab.”

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar was returning home, and then I spent almost a week in the hospital. The actor appears to be rolling out on a stretcher, and this is her husband, the actor Saira Banu, Mahalla.

Speaking to the media about the health of Dilip Kumar, Sair Banu, “he said,” We are extremely pleased with the results. The liquids were removed from the lungs. He was on his way home now.” Thank you to all of our fans for their prayers.” Dilip was admitted to the Hospital, and the PD Hinduja, Mumbai.

He was diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion-is a build-up of excess fluid between the layers of the lungs, which covers the outside of the lungs, and on Wednesday, has successfully completed a pleural aspiration procedure. With the blessing and prayers for you all, and Dilip Sahab is returning home from the hospital. With your enormous love, and love always touches the hearts of the in-reply-to:”, read the post on the official Twitter of actor. This tweet was in common with all others of his family, Faisal Farooqi.

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