‘Homecoming,’ says CM Mamata as she welcomes Mukul Roy back to TMC

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Vice-President Mukul Roy on Friday and returned to the Trinamool Congress (TMK), the party he had left, and in 2017, after a 19-year-old partnership, the Prime minister, Mamata Banerjee has described it as “bring home the boys in the family.

“The game is already stronger and stronger. We have a safe win. Mukul is a one-year-old boy in our family. No one can remain in the BJP. They don’t allow anyone to live with dignity and in peace. Mukulu threat-intelligence agency. As his health failed. In the spirit of peace will be with her, ” Banerjee said in a brief press conference in moscow.

Roy’s son, Subhranshu, is a former MP and is also returned to the party in power.

Roy is a defendant in the operation in 2016, the Sting of the Narada case is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). On the 17th of May, the CBI has arrested two of the ministers, TMK, Subrata Mukherjee and Firhad Judge, MLA Madan Mitra, giving back whenever and prior to that the leader of the Sowan chatterjee discovered.

He noted that the more the BJP leader will be joining the ruling party in the coming days, Banerjee said, “the traitor, who joined the BJP ahead of the elections, it will not be returned to their duty.”

‘Homecoming,’ says CM Mamata as she welcomes Mukul Roy back to TMC
‘Homecoming,’ says CM Mamata as she welcomes Mukul Roy back to TMC

Banerjee was furious, and when the reporters reported that Roy had made the comments to the address, and then to the left.

“I’ve never had a conflict with Mukul. Please give the questions to the individual. Mukul don’t say a word to us in the of the election. The traitor, who left us during the election, and to help the BJP, qaytarılmadıqda back. Don’t ask me about the process. I have responded to the WORLDWIDE media. We are dağıdırıq political parties like the BJP. We will not take it, not because we are afraid of the numbers. Here he is with his wish. The BJP is the manorial party. He controls the bodies, ” Banerjee said.

“I’ve never met Mamata Banerjee, it is not the future, and it’s never going to be,” Roy quipped.

He told me that he was going to write an explanation of why, leaving the BJP, mr Roy said: “I am very happy that I was able to get it out. I can see the old faces here. I’m happy to Bengal, once again, will have its glory under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, who is a national leader.”

And then we’re going to decide which of your posts Mukul is going to take. He is the vice-president of the BJP. After he left, it is evident that he was pleased to be working with them. There are still people here. However, he betrayed all of us, a party of money, do not qualify. We’ll just have to find the ones that distribute the gorky park, ” Banerjee said.

He was rudely interrupted by a news conference, when Roy was asked about the Suvendu Adhikari, who joined the BJP in the December of the previous year, and won Banerjee in the opinion polls.

The BJP leader said that Roy’s absence does not affect the saffron camp is on the way.

Congratulations to Roy on a new political journey. The BJP is the largest political party in the world. He’s is a game guide. A person doesn’t matter at all. It was his personal decision. Because he’s got a place in Krishnanagar North Ward, within the Concept of the BJP tickets, and we are hoping that he will stand down in this post.

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