Govt’s social security arms differ on Aadhaar seeding

The two types of social security, the government has rules different from the provisions of the Aadhaar during the pandemic. At the same time, the State Insurance Corporation Employees (ESIC) decision to refuse any benefits payable to the insured, due to the lack of Aadhaar, the Organization of the Providential Means of Staff (EPFO) compulsory, forced, Aadhaar, in reference to the noted that the law has not yet entered into force.

The government, which has been reported to the employee and the employer, that they are not able to carry out online for EPFO since the pension fund has made Aadhaar mandatory as of 1 June in the name of the Social Security system (CoSS), which has not yet fully entered into force, in accordance with the information given, the four people that have directly addressed this issue with their friends.

According to them, the employer may not make a contribution to the employee welfare fund, as the EPPO has made Aadhaar should be. EPFO is one of the world’s largest social organizations, which will lead to more than 220 million, the housing is of ₹12 lakh crore.

Govt’s social security arms differ on Aadhaar seeding
Govt’s social security arms differ on Aadhaar seeding

“The government has made it clear that the social organization is the ability to Aadhaar before the Code is fully implemented. For a moment, only to article 142 of the CoSS is reported, which aims to create a National Database of the Union of Workers (NDUW), and do not cause any harm to the members of the ESIC, or the EPFO,” he said, ” as a person, a government official said. Both of ESIC and EPFO services sector.

A person with knowledge of the events, ESIC, said: “The U.S. Department of Labor clarified that in the last month, the government has notified to in article 142. On the basis of the other provisions of the Code are under review, Aadhaar does not have to be compelled to be in this moment.”

However, on June 1, the EPFO has issued a circular to its desert context of sowing, the number of Aadhaar is to be forced online, the detective, in accordance with the provisions of article 142 of the Code, which the government announced in the May 5, 2021. FALL scanned the circular.

In accordance with the above-mentioned provision in Section [142] by the EPFO, the Accredited Agency, has confirmed to the REG-e-challan diploma of the album] is one of the only members whose Aadhaar number is seeded UANS test, that is, 01.06.2021,” Krugovoy said. For REG, the employer deposits to the Employee’s Human Resources of the Fund (PF) contributions, and for their own Social care, which is said to be a universal account number (UAN).

With reference to the Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar, the government issued a statement on 5 May, made it clear that article 142 was an order “just because of the collection of information about the workers, including migrant workers. No one is going to bring up the run, in the absence of Aadhar.”

The ministry of labour, EPFO, ESIC, and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) do not reply to e-mail inquiry related to this issue. UIDAI is the legislative body, leaving a 12-digit unique identification number which is called ‘Aadhaar’, the Indian population.

On the 12th of May, the ministry recommends that ESIC is to maybe go on and on.

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