Consistent HC pressure led to correction of Covid death figures in Bihar

The Bihar government on Wednesday, and adjusted the death toll due to Covid-19, and has determined that the death toll in the first one and the second one, and after having looked at 9,375 people. A few days ago, the death toll was just 5,424 people.

It’s happened, again, for a continuous reminder of Patna, the Supreme Court of the state, had taken up the question as to whether she didn’t really keep records, and death.

The opinion of advocate general Lalit Kishore said to be a complete list of victims to be presented at court, where Covid-19 cases this week. It is the court that deals with issues such as the death of a registration, and it is also prepared in the event of a third wave.

Dr. Sunil Kumar, Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, said that the actual number might be even higher, as the government continues to believe, but positive results of rapid antigen tests and RT-PCR as a criterion. And he said, adding that a lot of people just to get a few tests, and we were all at home in isolation, while the other gave a negative result for a rapid diagnostic tests and RT-PCR, however, was positive, according to the tits seek.

Are gathered in the rural areas, but it also is very weak, as well as the level of awareness of the issue. They are also afraid that number can increase as A large number of people to stay at home in isolation, is not a death, a lack of testing protocols.

The bench of the Supreme court, the court consists of the chief justice Sanjay Karol and judge Sanjay Kumar on may 18, showed that, in line with the figure of death, Buxar, in which the 81’s body was found floating in the river, the Ganges, and asked for detailed information about Covid, but nakovalnya of deaths in the state.

Consistent HC pressure led to correction of Covid death figures in Bihar
Consistent HC pressure led to correction of Covid death figures in Bihar

“We are scared to death of how to write a formal statement. We are not the official web-site, is maintained in good operating condition as, birth and death records are still being updated. As we can see, the causes of death, no matter what their number was, and when they have occurred, have been published on the official website. Death can also occur in the home, the insulation, the medical centers, private hospitals, etc, and the Same thing is true in all areas of Bihar,” the judge said.

On the 21st of May, the panel of judges were informed that the delay in the issuing of the death certificate of registration, which causes problems to the victims ‘ families to obtain insurance, the payments and other benefits.

The court found that the Buksar is a test of the phenomenon. “If the officials of the Panchayati Raja institutions, and the other did not comply with the decision within one week, and the update of the death of registrations, we will, to the end of their wages and salaries, including confiscation of their powers.”

On the 25th of May, the panel of judges once again stated that it is important that each of the deaths to be recorded and documented in every village, district, town, or village. And he said, adding that it would go a long way in helping employees prepare for the third wave, which is generally considered to be in a better position. This prompted the state government and the district judge to comply with the order within 10-days.

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