When will we have a vaccine ready for kids? Which companies are working on it?

When will the coronavirus vaccine be ready for your baby?

The children are very much affected during the second wave of the pandemic, with the number of symptomatic infections and the post-COVID-related complications is increased, which is MEDNO-J. There are also a few disturbing reports indicate that the number of pediatric cases of COVID-19 are able to grow even more in the next couple of months.

However, in spite of the fact that a COVID-19 vaccination has not yet been shown to the right in order to minimize the severity of the infection, the child is entitled to receive, an image of a COVID-19 vaccine.

While some of the countries around the world have begun to try to vaccinate older children, children in India are still in their hands, in order to get the vaccine. The clinical use of the Covaxin of the children have only just begun, in the country, however, there may still be a long wait in the queue.

Vaccinations for children are important, not only to protect her own future, but also for the creation of a public, social herd immunity. As far as we know, is the time when we really felt that the vaccination of children

When will we have a vaccine ready for kids? Which companies are working on it?
When will we have a vaccine ready for kids? Which companies are working on it?

Are now children have a higher risk?

So far, there have been undocumented immigrants, children of contracting COVID-19, with symptomatic infection, or fall prey to dangerous health complications, such as MEDNO-J. However, for the present, it is suspected that the virulent the virus is affecting not only adults but children as well, because the virus is easy to overcome the immune system, as well as the attack begins. Over the past few weeks, several cases have been reported in the hospital and the COVID-19 disease in children in the age group for a couple of months ago, the wall. So, with no access to the vaccine, perhaps in order to protect them from the severity of the disease, the child is without a doubt, is now being exposed to a higher level of risk.

Which the companies are working to develop a COVID-19 vaccine to a child? A clinical trial off the ground?

Currently, children in some of the countries around the world, including the united states, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Dubai, Israel and parts of Europe, it is permissible to be immune to COVID-19 (for children up to 12 years of age)in clinical practice until the end of 2020, as companies such as Pfizer-BioNTech, Modern, Sinopharm, the test-dose vaccination in children from a very young age, which made it possible for them to gain permission for the use in the event of an emergency.

At the same time, China is allowed by the local vaccine manufacturers, Sinopharm, injecting the vaccine for children under 3 years of age.

At present, there are only a vaccine developers in India, Bharat Biotech, which has been started to test the vaccine on children. Zydus Cadila is also expected to obtain the consent of the adult vaccine, and it will be a different company in order to develop a vaccine for the kids. In addition, Pfizer is also said to have been in talks with Indian officials to send her a vaccine for India, which is also likely to be made available for the kids. They are said to be similar to the negotiations are under way with a Modern, Inc.

But I still doubt that such a large-scale trial of a COVID-19 vaccine to the children in the country, it can be readily available for use by the end of 2021 at the latest.

And slowly, slowly,

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