Nusrat Jahan says her marriage was not valid in India, ‘No comment,’ says Nikhil

Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan on Wednesday issued a statement saying that his marriage to Nikhil Jain is never going to be the case, since inter-religious marriages in India are demanding proof of a marriage under the marriage act, that has never happened in the past. Since the marriage wasn’t legal, safe, stable, and divorce is out of the question, ” she said. “The MP said that to our break-up that happened a long time ago, but I told him that I would like to keep my private life to myself.

The actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan married to businessman Nikhil However, Turkey, Bodrum, and, in 2019, and then he made his political debut by winning the Lok Sabha elections in the same year. The city of the year it was adopted in which took part the minister Mamata Banerjee. The marriage ceremony took place in Turkey in accordance with the laws of marriage and of her, ” says the MP.

Recently, speculation about the gap in training and education has been a widely used, which Nusrat, has reportedly started dating a fellow actor, singer, politician, Yash Dasgupta, who was the BJP’s candidate for the 2021 at the latest, Bengal election. A few days ago, rumours of Nusrat waiting for an older child, who began to appear in the media and on social media platforms, such as the author, However She also commented on the post from Facebook, in which he declared that, if the court is correct, and when Nusrat should be kept separate from Nikhil.

Nusrat Jahan says her marriage was not valid in India, 'No comment,' says Nikhil
Nusrat Jahan says her marriage was not valid in India, ‘No comment,’ says Nikhil

And this is the statement issued by Nusrat kozhina, and his position in “the marriage”, and do not call Nikhil, he was blamed for his mistakes in the handling of their money. “A person who is pretending to be “rich,” and “mine was,” where the money is in my account, so my bank accounts and illegal by illegal means is only for the one-o’clock in the morning, after a break-up. I have already discussed with the stakeholders of the bank in the near future, a complaint will be filed with the local police. In the past, all of the accounts, the family was given to him, and at his request, and none of me or my family did not know about the instructions, the data of the bank through the bank accounts. He failed to pay with my money from the accounts without the knowledge and consent of the parties. I’m still struggling with this bank and I am going to be posting a proof, if necessary, ” the statement read. The MP also alleged that the members of his family illegally-owned business, its resources, and the ornaments that have been donated to her by her patents.

“I’m never going to talk about my personal life or of someone that I didn’t connect to the internet. So, people, who call themselves the “normal people” is not for a toy, is not affiliated with any of them, ” Nusret said.

Nikhil Jain, a businessman from the City, and the duo met in the city during the an event during the year prior to the wedding. Recently, when the rumors of Nusret pregnancy, the spread, and some of the news and contacted Nikhil, who said that he didn’t know about Nusret pregnancy, as they had been in contact for over a month.

Asked to comment on the Nusrat statements, Nikhil Jain, on Wednesday, said that it was a subjective matter. “I’ve never commented on, and do not want to comment on what he said. The case is in a court of law. On the civilian ship, the member states.

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