Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandaughter jailed for fraud in South Africa

Mahatma Gandhi, the 56-year-old great-granddaughter, who was charged with fraud and ahead of the six-million-rand, was convicted by a California court to seven years in prison.

Ashish Lata Ramgobin was convicted and sentenced by the court of justice on Monday.

He is being accused of defrauding a job, a husband, cerebral palsy (CP Maharaj, and then he gave him up to 6.2 million rupees will have to be excluded, imports and customs, India, is non-existent load. He was promised a share of the profits.

Lazy Ramgobind, who is the daughter of a prominent human rights activists, Ela Gandhi, and then Mewa Ramgobind was denied by the decision of the appeal to the judgment and that the judgment of Specialised Commercial Crime Court in cape town.

When Bronya Ramgobin, the trial began in 2015, Brigadier Hangwani Mulauji of the National public Prosecutor’s office, alleging that he was alleged to have submitted false invoices and documents in order to convince potential investors that the three-laundry containers are shipped to India.

At the time, Lata Ramgobin was 50 000 rand.

During the trial, the court found that the Lata Ramgobin met Maharaj, the chief of the shoes to retailers, the New Women’s Alliance, and in August of 2015.

Mahatma Gandhi's great-grandaughter jailed for fraud in South Africa
Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandaughter jailed for fraud in South Africa

The company imports and manufactures, and sells apparel, underwear, and shoes. Maharaj company provides financing to other companies based on earnings. Lata Ramgobin Maharaj said that she has imported three-laundry containers in south Africa, the hospital and NetCare groups.

NPA spojesperson Natasha said that he told me that he was going through financial difficulties, to pay for imports and customs, and he needed the money in order to clear the goods through the port,” NPA spokesperson Natasha said, on Black Monday.

“And he said to him, (Maharaj) is what he needed to do was to 6.2 million rupees. To convince him, to show him what he was claiming was in the form of a signed purchase order for that item. A month later, he sent him to a NetCare invoice, the delivery note as proof that the item is delivered, and no payment was forthcoming,” he said.

Lata Ramgobin, “then sent him a confirmation of the NetCare of the bank account to which the payment is made,” Cherny said.

As a family document, the Ramgobin and NetCare Maharaj documents, which indicated that there is a written loan agreement with him.

However, when maharaj was told that the documents were forged, and NetCare, had an agreement in place with Lata Ramgobin, he brought the prosecution.

Ramgobin was the co-founder and chief Executive Officer of the development of the Initiative, the participation in the International centre, NGO, non-use of force, in which he described himself as “an activist on the basis of environmental, social, and political interests.”

A number of other descendants of Mahatma Gandhi, the human rights council, among them the relatives of the items Ramgobin Kirti Menon, at the end of the Satish Dhupelia, and the Mind of the Dhupelia of Machrie.

Ramgobin’s mother, Ela Gandhi, in particular, has gained international recognition for her achievements, including a national award in India and south Africa.

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