World Environment Day 2021: Why restoration of ecosystem is important

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5 around the world to encourage individuals and communities to take steps to prevent the growing difficulties in the planet’s ecosystem from reaching its habitats.

This year World Environment Day has the theme of ‘restoration’ and calls for urgent action to restore the damaged environment, with Pakistan becoming the host country for the day.

World Environment Day 2021: Why restoration of ecosystem is important
World Environment Day 2021: Why restoration of ecosystem is important

Restoration is important for a global community that has been experiencing rapid development at an unpredictable rate. According to the United Nations, the earth loses enough forest every three seconds to cover a football field and over the past 100 years half of our wetlands have been destroyed. “About 50% of our corals have been lost and up to 90% of coral rivers could be lost by 2050, even if global warming is limited to a maximum of 1.5 ° C,” the UN warned.

Natural disasters are robbing the earth of carbon dioxide, such as forests and crowded places, at a time when mankind will never be able to find it. Global warming has been on the rise for three consecutive years and the blue planet is a step forward in catastrophic climate change.

In addition, the prevailing coronavirus epidemic has been a reflection of how devastating the effects of the ecological crisis can be. The declining habitat of the animal’s natural habitat has led to the state of the virus – including coronaviruses – to spread.

World Environment Day 2021 focuses on the restoration of the environment and its theme is “Think. Recreate. Replace. ”The day will kick off the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), a global campaign to revitalize billions of hectares, from forests to farms, from mountain peaks to the depths of the ocean.

Restoration of the ecosystem means preventing, stopping, and reversing this damage – from using the environment to healing it. It is also assisted in assisting in the recovery of degraded or damaged ecosystems, as well as the conservation of existing ecosystems. Restoration is possible in many ways, such as by diligently planting or removing stress so that the environment can become self-sufficient.

Global ecosystems are essential if we are to reduce the magnitude of the natural disaster we are currently experiencing, and to protect biodiversity for future generations.

Our food systems and reforestation of forest and agricultural crops depend on healthy soil. However, soil degradation not only endangers a vital biodiversity but also its ability to produce healthy and sustainable food. Therefore, soil renewal is essential to support life on earth.

Traditional culture is very important to the community and society. However, environmental erosion has the potential for cultural erosion, including that of knowledge and language. This knowledge is often localized and evolved over thousands of years and is essential to the life of many living things and the lives of communities around the world. Thus, the restoration of nature can help to support the diversity of human cultures by supporting beneficial relationships between humans and nature.

Rehabilitation has great benefits for humans. It also creates job opportunities in rural areas where they are most needed.

Some countries have already invested in rehab as part of their coronavirus rehabilitation strategy while others are turning to rehabilitation to help them adjust to the already changing climate.

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