Pride Month 2021: Stories that inspire with pride

Pride Month 2021: Stories that inspire with pride. June is known as the proud month of LGBTQIA + ownership worldwide. Not only is it celebrated in full swing, it is also seen as an important moment of awareness. “However, the vast majority of people do not know about us, misconceptions are ridiculous, but it also shows how little people know about us. They don’t know what we are fighting for, ”said the gay man. As we celebrate Pride Month, a few outsiders are proud of their experiences. Here’s what they have to say.

An 11-year-old girl made fun of me

I had a very growing experience, of a growing man. I was very manly, and that is why I was often teased and looked down on. The boy once made fun of me for raising his hand like a girl. I changed schools in the hope that things would improve, never to happen. I was in the tenth grade and an 11-year-old girl teased me the way I talked. It instilled a lot of hatred. So, I started to hide my anxiety and put all my energy into school competitions. When the college started, I received answers from people who ridiculed me. I started my own blog, participated in Mr. Gay World India and won. I was able to create my own story, which was far from the erroneous ideas people had. It is still a long way off, but at least a constructive conversation has begun. – Anwesh Saho

The lock made me leave

I never felt attracted to girls, when everyone around me was. For too long, I have believed that something is wrong with me. There was no representation of someone like me, there was no confirmation. People have used profanity against me all the time. It broke me. However, my mother was very supportive, and she urged me not to get involved in this, which resulted in me becoming an organization to count, academically and otherwise. Never looked back, the college provided an open and welcoming space, which also added to my confidence. This closure made me believe that other people’s opinions did not matter, and it made me go out to my parents, who would gladly accept me. The world is a better place now. –Gautam Rajpal

It didn’t let the derogatory comment bother me

My friends talked about bicycles, and I often thought of food and shopping. I thought I would never be right, I knew I was different. Life went on and I embarked on my collaborative journey, meeting people from all walks of life encouraged me, and I gathered the courage to get out of the closet. Belittling’s comment also came to me, but I never paid attention. Today, I am proud of being who I am and what I do. Certainly, going out was the best decision I ever made three years ago; I feel very confident and very important that I can be myself. It has brought me as much hope as I should not hide my true identity. After all, clothes are meant to be in cupboards and not people. -Akash Arora

Pride Month 2021: Stories that inspire with pride
Pride Month 2021: Stories that inspire with pride

The flag of love

I was appointed Head Boy in 2006 and was not allowed to carry the School flag for the annual rehearsal, due to the noise and laughter. I remember looking at myself in the mirror, and I could see that I was different. No matter how smart I was, I always found myself behind. Adoption came too late, but that was a battle I could fight with patience. I chose to love whoever I wanted, male or female alike, according to my goals and I chose to love myself that had never been promised to me in the past. Now I have a community of friends with similar stories, some lucky, some less and this circle is growing every day, because we carry the flag of love. –Abbishek Yadav

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