Kumar Sanu says he was never told to praise Indian Idol contestants blindly

Kumar Sanu said Amit Kumar did not like the Indian Idol tax as the contestants sang the songs of his father Kishore Kumar.

Singer Kumar Sanu spoke about the recent controversy over the Indian Idol 12 after singer Amit Kumar appeared in a special clip given to his father, the late singer Kishore Kumar.

Amit had just appeared on the show as a guest. The late artist’s tribute has been marred by online harassment after Amit admitted to following the band’s instructions to compliment the contestants but did not enjoy the performance.

Speaking to Peep Moon, Kumar Sanu said Amit did not like the charge as the contestants sang his father’s songs. “I hear whatever he says it was his opinion as this did not happen as I was on the show. Probably, he did not like to sing while on the show … I hear, Amit ji did not like to be sung as the contestants sang his father’s songs … Those competitors are new and must have been disabled somewhere. someone and maybe he (Amit) didn’t like that. … I don’t know what happened to Amit ji’s episode so I can’t comment on it. However, when something like this happens it’s really embarrassing but I feel like the whole episode is different. “

He also spoke about his experience in the sport and extended support to the contestants. “We are informed which contestant sang which song and was asked to comment – whether it was good or bad for it, as our choice … I don’t know if anything else happened in this show because Amit ji was unhappy. to agree with him directly as I am confident that the participants will try their best to do justice and respect Kishore da songs, ”he added.

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The singer had recently expressed disappointment with the state of modern Hindi music. Speaking to the leading daily newspaper, he said much of the music currently being produced is a ‘sticky copy’ of foreign sounds. Kumar Sanu also said that breaking out in the music industry is not the same as before, adding that he does not agree with some of the methods that young artists use.

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