Palestine expresses concern at India abstaining from crucial UNHRC vote

During a dramatic change in India’s policy in the Middle East, Palestine expressed concern over India’s disapproval during a vote in the UN Human Rights Council that led to the launch of an inquiry into human rights abuses during the Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

Concerns in Palestine were raised by Foreign Minister Riad Malki in a letter he sent to his Indian counterpart Jaishankar on May 30. The letter, received by the Hindustan Times, states that India’s refusal to vote during May 27 “hinders the vital work of the Human Rights Council. in promoting the human rights of all people, including those in Palestine ”.

The development comes after India withdrew its traditional direction to support the “Palestinian cause” in at least three recent statements to the UN Security Council, the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. The statements, however, maintain a common indication of a two-state solution that will be achieved through direct negotiations to ensure lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Malaria’s unusually strong letter stated: “I am writing to express our concern about the situation taken by the Republic of India at a special conference of 30 May 2021 by the Human Rights Council on a seminal decision [entitled ” Ensuring respect for international human rights law and humanitarian law in Thailand, and Israel ‘. ”

It added saying that the Republic of India has lost the opportunity to join the international community in this time of change, which is important and has long been on the path to accountability, justice and peace.

Palestine expresses concern at India abstaining from crucial UNHRC vote
Palestine expresses concern at India abstaining from crucial UNHRC vote

Following the adoption of the resolution which was presented by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Palestinian delegation, by 24 votes, the UN Human Rights Commission established an international inquiry into “violations of international human rights law and all alleged violations of international human rights law.” of Israeli and Hamas wars.

This step was rejected by the Israelites. India, Brazil, France, Italy and Nepal were among the 14 countries that abstained from voting. It was not immediately clear whether Malki had written the same letter to his foreign counterparts.

Malik went on to say in the letter that the decision was “inconsistent with the Human Rights Council”, and “the result of extensive international consultation” and “an in-depth investigation into reports of serious Israeli violations by the United States, United Nations experts, human rights organizations, and international organizations.” ”.

He further added that the Palestinian people were “excluded from the application of the general rule of law and the essential basis for accountability, which is essential for justice and peace”. Malki argued that the causes of the injustice of the Palestinian people included “decades of dispossession, deportation, colonialism, oppression … and the denial and violation of all their rights by Israelis”.

Apart from addressing these causes, Malik wrote, “the situation will not only be volatile, but will continue to worsen with dramatic and negative consequences”. He added saying that the Palestine is ready to “engage positively and resolutely to achieve this goal and achieve peace in the region”.

In a recent statement to the UN Security Council on May 27, India said the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas had “tied the knot” in a “serious security situation”. India reiterated its call for all parties to “exercise restraint and refrain from acts of violence, resentment, incitement and destruction” and stressed the need to respect the historical context in Jerusalem.

While focusing on the renewal and reconstruction of Gaza, India called for a resumption of negotiations between Israel and Palestine for a two-state solution. It said that the lack of direct and meaningful dialogue between the two parties has only exacerbated the lack of trust, which in turn has increased the likelihood of a similar increase in the future.

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