Parineeti Chopra: I used to think that a film coming out on OTT is a compromised release

This has been a very exciting year for actress Parineeti Chopra as she has started at the top not only one but three times. While Saina and Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar received a play before the second wave of the epidemic, Girl on the Train chose a direct route to OTT.

In fact, Sandeep Aur Pinky Farar – who had been running for a while in theaters before the cinemas closed again – found a new life when he was recently released on the web.

That’s what Chopra is most excited about. He admits adding that he no longer has that idea and that he thinks like any other actor, he had a brief idea that films should have a play, and the film that will come out of OTT is a loose release.

He said that In the last one year, there has been a change in the way people eat content and the way they watch movies. Now, the main way to view any type of content is OTT.

Chopra, 32, feels like the web space gives the film and character a much longer access compared to any other alternative.

The actor said that so when they release a film on OTT, the amount of viewers they get on the first day, from all over the world, is hard to achieve elsewhere. She is very excited about that and she don’t think of OTT or the [controversy], she also thanks to the fact that all three of his films find great love .

She also feels that people are starting to see him in a new light, but again, and she is getting the same appreciation from her audience for what he experienced in his early years in Bollywood.

Parineeti Chopra: I used to think that a film coming out on OTT is a compromised release
Parineeti Chopra: I used to think that a film coming out on OTT is a compromised release

She said that he have been waiting for this day for five years. The kind of love she get for these three films in 2021 is something she haven’t experienced in so many years. Sounds like the old days again. Sje had a hat-trick with crazy reviews and responses.

Looking back on his ten-year acting career with films such as Ishaqzaade (2012), Hasee Toh Phasee (2014), Caesar (2019), Chopra prefers to call it perfect.

The actor acknowledging that he too faced challenged said that some people are struggling and very successful in life. There are some who find success early but may never find it again. For him, he love his trip because when he first started, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be an actor. And that changed when the audience accepted and liked me right from his first film.

“I saw success for four years, and then I saw dipping when a few of my films didn’t do well and I didn’t give my all. Failure came at the right time for me, teaching me to learn faster. Today, I can start again and be on the positive side. For me, the clue has been a great help because today I am still young and learning from my failures, ”she said.

In fact, Chopra shares that her film selection process has also changed over the years, but one thing has not changed.

She concluded saying that If he were a clear actor in his film, she also wouldn’t do it. She said that It has become a kind of mantra for him. She also feels that if she took those films, it would mean that he did the same thing before and people saw her in that. If she finds something that scares me as an actor, she will get into it.

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