PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat: Oxygen tanker drivers worked on war

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday thanked the spirit and courage of the people who endured two major storms this month. “Prime Minister said that in this difficult and extraordinary situation of disaster, the way people of all provinces affected by the storm have shown courage, great patience and good manners in the hour of this crisis. I respect and respect all citizens.

Prime Minister Modi also commended those who came forward and took part in the relief and rescue work, saying, “any gratitude for everyone’s money will not be enough.”

The Prime Minister was addressing the nation during his monthly radio program, Mann Ki Baat. Prior to his State of the Nation Address, Prime Minister Modi requested comments and suggestions from people on his social media accounts earlier this month on Mann Ki Baat articles.

Here are some of the highlights from Prime Modi’s speech:

“Just before ten days, the country has been battling two major hurricanes Tauktae and hurricane Yaas on the east coast. The country and the people are fighting hard to ensure that the casualties are minimal.”

“” Central governments, governments and local authorities are all working together to address this crisis. I extend my condolences to all those who have lost loved ones around them. “

“Many of our scientists, experts and industry experts work in a number of ways. The curiosity to know and also understand the work of all the people is in the minds of all people.”

“This country is imported from abroad,” oxygen, oxygen concentrators and tanks enter the body.

PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat: Oxygen tanker drivers worked on war
PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat: Oxygen tanker drivers worked on war

“On one hand the work is also being done to transport the empty tanks to the oxygen plants by the Air Force aircraft, and on the other hand the construction of new oxygen plants is also being completed.”

“” During the second Covid-19 wave, the biggest challenge was to provide medical oxygen to remote areas. To combat the challenges facing the country, Cryogenic oxygen tank drivers help by working in wars and saving the lives of many people. “

“On typical days, we used to produce 900 metric tons of medical fluid per day. Now it has grown more than ten times and we produce about 9500 tons per day.”

• “Till now, more than 33 samples have been tested in our country.”

“” Friends, at the beginning of Corona, there was only one laboratory in the country, but today there are more than two and a half thousand laboratories in operation. At first, a few hundred tests could be done in a day, now there are more than 20. made lakh per day. “

“Just thinking, it was such a big problem in our country, it affected all sectors of our country. The agricultural system was very protective of these attacks.”

“” Today, May 30, we are talking about ‘Mann Ki Baat “and coincidentally it is time for the completion of seven years of government.”

• “For the past seven years, the country has followed the mantra ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’.”

• Whatever progress that they have made in the last seven years, it is because of the country, the people of the country. They have many times to be proud of our nationality together over the years.

“” I receive messages from people all over the world and their publications in all parts of the world. Many people are grateful to the country that electricity has come to their place for the first time in 70 years. Many people claim that our home is connected to the city by a paved road. “

• “Some friends from the tribal area sent me a message that for the first time since the road was built, they felt that they too had joined the rest of the world.

• “Seventy years after independence, only three and a half rural households in our country had access to water. But in the last 21 months, about four and a half houses have been provided with clean water.”

“I am finding new faith in the Ayushman program in the country. When a poor person returns home recovering from free treatment, he or she feels as if he or she has found a new life.” They have fought the first wave bravely and this time India will win the ongoing battle against the virus.

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