Friends: The Reunion censored in China

An article of praise made by China’s Xinhua news agency Friends: Reunion spoke of the sitcom’s “unique complaint” and “great influence” but emphasized how researchers here cut it a few minutes before exploring a special exhibition in China.

The article quoted Chinese citizens who praised the American sitcom – which has a large following in urban China – and how it had affected their lives in helping them learn English and giving them American culture.

However, Xinhua article excluded how Chinese broadcast sites had explored the appearances of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, a South Korean boy group, BTS and LGBTQ references from the broadcast genre.

It is not clear whether the Chinese government ordered the decision of whether the broadcasters, Qiyi, Youku and Tencent Video, themselves decided not to submit what they knew would be sympathetic to the government.

Artists and the audited band have fallen to the ground in Beijing over the years.

Lady Gaga, one, is a non-Chinese person after she had a meeting with the Dalai Lama back in the year 2016.

Beijing accuses Tibetan leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize of being a “dangerous separatist”.

Friends: The Reunion censored in China
Friends: The Reunion censored in China

Also, Bieber was first burned in China in 2014 for taking pictures of himself visiting the disputed Yasukuni war zone in Tokyo, which helps honor Japanese war criminals in the Second World War and other victims of war, the entertainment news website, Variety, reports.

Not that cuts were never seen in China.

“Are we going back to the divisive, closed Qing empire of the world?” commentator on a Chinese platform like Weibo of China was quoted as saying about Variety.

Many supported the ban.

Xinhua article acknowledged the lasting influence of the sitcom in China.

The statement said that the much-anticipated special reunion of the American sitcom Friends has taken its base from Chinese fans with the vengeance of tears and tears in a series of progressive games.

It went on to report how this special reunion has made it one of China’s top 10 headlines like China’s Sina Weibo on Thursday night, with networkers saying the reunion made them “remember their youth” or simply express their long-term love series .

In China, the series was “… more than just a TV comedy from the beginning”.

It began to gain popularity in the late 1990s as a tool for learning the English language. Then, generations after the 1980s and after the 1990s received their own unique appeal as a window on learning about American culture, Xinhua reported.

All in all, the response to China in this episode has been very positive, with many fans explaining how special it brought tears to their eyes, said the Variety Article.

“The whole show brings back a lot of memories – I’ve watched it ten times more than a dozen times. I don’t have many friends, but they are really my friends, ”wrote a Weibo user.

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