Google, Facebook, WhatsApp Comply With New Digital Rules

Major communications companies such as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp have shared information with the Department of Technology in line with the new digital rules, but Twitter is still not following the rules, quoted government sources as saying. Twitter did not send the details of the law enforcement officer to the Department of Communications Technology, and shared the details of a lawyer working for a law firm as a contact person with the complaints officer, sources said.

This is where the IT rules clearly state that these designated social media executives who are important to be corporate employees and residents of India, have expressed. Meanwhile, several social media platforms have shared details of the law enforcement officer, contact person and complaint with the department, as set out under the new rules, sources said. Leading communications mediators, including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Koo, Sharechat, Telegram and LinkedIn, shared information with the department on the need for IT rules that came into effect this week. However, Twitter has not yet followed the IT rules, they said.

Following a strong response from the government on Thursday, Twitter posted information sharing information about a lawyer working for a law firm in India as a contact person with a reputation for complaints.

On Thursday, a dispute over the handling of certain messages on Twitter escalated into a war of words, with the government claiming that the messaging platform posed baseless and untrue allegations that demeaned India and ordered the names of the world’s largest democrats. It began with Twitter calling Delhi police visits to its offices “intimidating” – a statement that met with protests from government and Delhi police. While the government called it “absolutely baseless, false and an attempt to discredit India”, Delhi police said the statement was “fake” and was intended to disrupt a formal investigation.

Google, Facebook, WhatsApp Comply With New Digital Rules
Google, Facebook, WhatsApp Comply With New Digital Rules

Twitter had tagged several tweets about BJP ruling leaders in an article accusing Opposition’s tactics of targeting the government with COVID as it contained ‘used media’, which led to police visiting his offices late Monday. Twitter claims to be committed to India as an important market, but criticizes the new IT rules and regulations which they say “prevent free and open public conversations.”

The government condemned Twitter’s allegations of intimidation and intimidation of free speech and in a statement with strong words said the micro-blogging platform wanted to undermine India’s legal system by its actions and deliberate insult. Under the new rules, social media companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter have been asked to identify within 36 hours the founder of the flagship message and to do more appropriately, including the appointment of a law enforcement chief, a contact person and a public complaints officer.

The institute says the new rules are designed to prevent the abuse and misuse of forums, and provide users with a solid platform to resolve complaints. Non-compliance may result in these platforms losing their status as arbitrator which provides them with more security from debt than any third party information held by them. In other words, they can be liable to take criminal action if there are complaints.

After the new rules came into effect on May 26, the Department of Information Technology released the heat on key communications companies, asking them to immediately report compliance and provide details of the three appointed officials.

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