US-China row intensifies over Covid origins probe

US-China row intensifies over Covid origins probe. Tensions are high around the world amid calls for an investigation into the origins of the Covid epidemic on Thursday, with Beijing accusing Biden officials of playing politics and evading responsibility, as the US President has promised to release the results of a US public intelligence investigation into the issue.

On Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden ordered intelligence officials to “double” their efforts to investigate the origins of the Covid-19 epidemic, including the possibility that the route could lead to a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

A day later, China also said the US was playing politics. Its foreign ministry said scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) had already declared the theory “leak leak” impossible. The department has dismissed the notion that the virus may have come out of the study room as a “trick”. “Some people in America are ignoring facts and science,” said department spokesman Zhao Lijian.

Biden later promised to release the results of a public intelligence investigation into the origins of Covid-19, including the possibility of a leak from the Wuhan virology board in China, unless it contained something “he could not”. He previously instructed the public to “redouble their efforts to collect and analyze data that would bring us closer to a definitive conclusion, and to respond within 90 days”.

The US President added saying that as a part of this report, he have requested areas for further investigation that may be required, including specific inquiries in China. He also said that most genetics do not believe that there is enough data to test one (theory) that it is more likely than another.

US-China row intensifies over Covid origins probe
US-China row intensifies over Covid origins probe

Zhao also said the US was ranked first in the whole world with the maximum number of Covid-19 cases and also for the deaths confirmed, reaching approximately 33 million and 600,000, respectively. He said the United States should accept an WHO-led international investigation.

Zhao said that the US side says it wants China to take part in a comprehensive, transparent and evidence-based international investigation and that they would like to urge the American side to do the same with China and to immediately cooperate with the World Health Organization in pursuing scientific research.

Zhao also said the management position came with complete disregard for facts and science … even though they completely ignored doubts about the work of tracking the origin and failure of the epidemic response in the US.

Zhao said that this is a clear indication that the American side is not interested in facts and facts, and is not interested in pursuing a scientific career, but wants to use this epidemic to engage in political discrimination and fraud, and to avoid responsibility.

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