Alka Raghuvanshi : A sentiment from the art world departs

When the soul is gone, it leaves innumerable memories, so that many can take it back and play it again. Mention the name of Alka Raghuvanshi, and the ignorance does not spread to recall many aspects of his personality – the author, the curator, the painter – who was carrying a panache while pulling and receiving six yards, but also the ‘hasas’ (a feeling) left behind now.

Ehsaas, the title of the book he wrote, is also the name of one of the many shows that Raghuvanshi has chosen. Seeing her passion and desire for various forms of artistic direction, she is successful on stage. At all times, the exhibition marked a milestone in the transformation of his life, in which he became an established writer, especially an art critic, and an artist in developing his textile foundation. With this, he transformed 31 personalities in the world of art and culture, into a moving inclusion. One of them was singer Sanjay Bhattacharyya, who had known Raghuvanshi for a long time. He remembers how Raghuvanshi was always “amazing”, and he adds, “When Alka talked to me, and that was the beginning of our friendship. As an artist, he was automatic. He used to play with colors, which everyone could know. And even though he had health problems, and was having difficulty walking, he was very active … Kahin bhi jate the to Bangali, Bangali bulate the mujhe. ”

Alka Raghuvanshi : A sentiment from the art world departs
Alka Raghuvanshi : A sentiment from the art world departs

As news of Raghuvanshi’s death broke on social media, on Wednesday evening, many in the arts and culture world were left shocked and saddened by the loss of an art director who had never stopped talking about his mind during all his more than three decades. “I was shocked to learn about him on social media. We had a long conversation about his birthday in April, and just three days later he sent text messages from the hospital saying he was not well and would call back when he returned home. Then the news came, ”said singer Shridhar Iyer, who worked closely with Raghuvanshi on a number of projects. He said that that he met her about 30 years ago, and she was like an older sister to him, and that they even talked about 2 at night! He was a good man, and overworked, he was one of the young art masters while the directors were alive, and he received his training at Oxford. He was like a tower that kept all the artists close and united. They called him Big Boss!

“It was very frustrating when I opened Facebook and saw the news,” said Siddhartha Tagore, an art collector and sports collector, recalling his first encounter with Raghuvanshi: “It was 1997 or 98 when I went to the newspaper office to download a review for one of my shows, and he helped me. In order to see the show he came to the gallery and that they kept in touch. His contribution is invaluable since he was one of the world’s leading art critics who chose to be a critic at a time when criticism was widespread. He once edited a radio talk show for Jamini Roy both of us on the panel; and the best part of working with him was that he had no hang-up! Always available and very friendly, he makes anyone feel like they want to work with him. Many years ago, we planned to do something together. Now, I think I’ll do something for him in my gallery, once the ban is lifted. ”

“You saw him, and he respected what he was doing,” said art curator Ina Puri, adding, “I was not a friend to him personally, but that didn’t matter because he was in our world. I’ve seen him far away from his greater existence than life, and it’s hard to accept that It is very sad and unfortunate that we have lost someone who has been a part of Delhi’s art for so many years! He is one of those people who has made our lands beautiful, colorful, and now when we return to the landscapes after the closure, our world will be It will take some time to come to terms with this. ”

No matter how much it may be read, but when they say life is uncertain so live each day as if it were your last, it is true. And Raghuvanshi was truly living that way every day.

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