How to give a fun twist to litchis this season

One of the few summer fruits that can make us forget all about the scorching heat for a while is litchi. This delicious tropical fruit comes from southern China, where it is considered the king of fruits. Round, watery, flexible and gel-based fruits are full of health benefits and should be part of your summer diet. Enjoy the fruit as it is or try some of the new ingredients. Here are a few things we have chosen for you. Read on …

Litchi punch

Prepare litchi juice by grinding ginger. Add the fizzy lemonade and toss with some mint leaves. This perfect litchi mocktail is perfect for a summer afternoon. Add some perfect litchi fruit to add flavor. You can also turn your boring tea into a refreshing drink by adding lemon juice, litchi juice and soda.

Litchi juice

Having fruit juices in the summer keeps your body hydrated and litchi is one of the most refreshing treatments. It’s easy to do, you just need to peel, peel and cut the fruit into small dices. Mix the blender with cold water. Add a few ice cubes and a dash of lemon. Therefore…

How to give a fun twist to litchis this season
How to give a fun twist to litchis this season

Tropical fruit salad with litchis

Enjoy a beauty dish by adding tropical fruits, such as litch, mango, pomegranate, apple, and watermelon. This healthy salad, full of fruit nutrition, can replace your hot lunch in the late afternoon. To add a touch of desi to your salad bowl, add chopped litchi, cucumber, mango and grapes. Add a little lemon juice, some masala, salt, chopped pepper and coriander or mint leaves. This dense salad can be

the perfect side for your grilled chicken or fish for dinner.

Litchi popsicles

Who can say no to ice cream or popsicles? This summer, make litchi popsicles for yourself and have fun with your kids at home. Give the recipe a twist by mixing coconut milk, a little lemon juice and some zest. Keep the popsicle mold close. Add a few drops of litchi, coconut milk and lemon juice. Make a smooth paste. Pour over the mold and freeze overnight. The soft, delicious taste of coconut and litchi is perfectly complemented by the zestiness of lime, giving it a refreshing aftertaste.

Litchi cocktail

Light up your locker evening with a drink of something made with litchi cocktail. A mind-blowing concoction of lemon tang, litchi liqueur, litchi syrup and vodka or white rum, this cocktail tastes like a dream you will never want to end. For garnish, add complete litchi and ice cubes. Add mint leaves to enhance the burn.

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