Assam CM says Akhil Gogoi being treated for mental problems; invites criticism

Assam Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday told a national conference that President Raijor Dal and the newly elected Sibsagar MP, Akhil Gogoi, were being treated for mental health problems and were currently unprepared to attend the summit. Gogoi’s party said Sarma’s remarks were insulting and a violation of MLA’s right.

Gogoi has been in custody since December, 2019 for her role in the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest. The 45-year-old, who is being treated at Gwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) for various ailments, was allowed to take part in a parliamentary swearing-in ceremony on Friday by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

After swearing in, Gogoi asked the speaker of the meeting to allow her to participate in the whole process. Earlier, Gogoi was accused of being manipulated by police and administrative officers when he was brought to a meeting from GMCH.

“How can a sick person be allowed to participate in the convention program? Gogoi has been receiving treatment at GMCH for the past four months. You are receiving treatment for psychological, emotional and psychological problems, ”said Sarma on the last day of the first session of the new conference.

Assam CM says Akhil Gogoi being treated for mental problems; invites criticism
Assam CM says Akhil Gogoi being treated for mental problems; invites criticism

He added saying that he forgot Covid’s rule when he arrived at the meeting on the first day to take an oath and moved from one desk to another meeting everyone inside the house. If he says he is not sick, [he should] be imprisoned. And if he is sick, he should not go to the meeting.

Sarma’s response came after the Speaker sought the government’s view on Gogoi’s request. CM pointed out that since Gogoi was ill, she should not be exposed to others and allowed to participate in meeting programs.

The acting president Raijor Dal Basco De Saikia said that the CM has used abusive and degrading language against our party president. Sarma does not have the resources to deal with Gogoi and that is why he is using all means to ensure that he does not participate in the meeting.

Saikia also pointed out that the official government’s position on Gogoi’s request to attend the entire session would mean nothing to her mental illness. “… but a letter to the Speaker from the Department of Home Affairs and Politics, led by the CM, states that since Gogoi’s case was fair, he should go to court to recover. This clearly shows the CM’s position in the meeting,” he said.

Saikia said the CM should not have disclosed Gogoi’s medical condition at the meeting and accused Sarma of violating the Covid-19 protocol several times in the past.

Raijor Dal later said Gogoi was considering inciting violations of CM members’ proposals with his statements at the Assembly on Monday.

Responding to the debate on Motion of Thanks in the governor’s speech, the CM also called on the United States’ banned Lib Liberation Front (ULFA-I) to avoid violence and join peace talks. He said a peace agreement would soon be signed with the rebels’ clothes in the Karbi Anglong area.

Sarma documented the government’s success in the fight against Covid and said it provided oxygen to some northeastern provinces and medicines in provinces such as Jharkhand and Telangana.

The CM also assured the government that it will deliver on all its promises, including providing employment to 100,000 young people and abolishing loans from women’s groups in small-scale companies.

Sarma said a new department would be set up with experts to build towers in Brahmaputra and efforts would be made to repatriate its organizations with the aim of making Assam free of floods.

He added that the return of the Baratiya Janata Party was also an official confirmation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) as promised by the party before the election.

The Sarma-led government also proposes to make a law to protect cattle in the next meeting.

“We believe that cows are our mother. Therefore, we want to end the movement of cattle from Western Bengal. The precise principles of our constitution are that cattle should not be slaughtered, ”he said.

Responding to Sarma’s statement, the opposition Congress said the government had avoided sensitive issues such as the Covid-19 and National Register of Citizens (NRC) officials. Debabrata Saikia who is the leader of Congress said that they are committed to playing the role of responsible opponents. But as instructed by the voters, we will continue to raise serious issues

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