Biden hosts George Floyd family on anniversary of shocking murder

President Joe Biden marks Tuesday’s commemoration of the assassination of police officer George Floyd for hosting the family of an African American man – but without being able to celebrate national police reform.

Floyd’s daughter Gianna, her mother, sister and brothers will be among those attending private talks with Biden at the White House, News Secretary Jen Psaki said.

“The courage and kindness of her family, especially her daughter Gianna, is very strong for the president,” he told reporters. “He is willing to listen to their views.”

The demise of Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on May 25 last year and the conviction of an official, Derek Chauvin, who was on his knees for nearly nine minutes, were seen as moments of struggle in America’s long struggle for racial equality.

Following the assassination attempt on Floyd’s arrest outside the store, protests and riots erupted across the country, which had already revolted against Biden and former president Donald Trump.

Following an April decision against Cauvin, who faces a verdict next month, Biden tried to build political momentum by urging Congress to pass a constitutional reform of police during the first round of protests.

The American people must face the “systematic racism” expressed by Floyd’s “direct killing,” he said.

However, the quest for independence comes only after the House has passed a bill, known as the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, and the Senate continues to debate important details.

Biden hosts George Floyd family on anniversary of shocking murder
Biden hosts George Floyd family on anniversary of shocking murder

The bill aims to change the perception of critics into violent and unacceptable violence across the country.

Opponents say the police are unjustly accused of trying to operate in a dangerous and well-armed society.

However, Biden and supporters of the reforms say the culture of impunity and fundamental discrimination has led to an increase in incidents such as Floyd’s death.

– Personal impact on Biden –

Among other measures, the bill could ban potentially dangerous capture methods used by suspects, such as ribs.

It will also end the so-called “no-knock warrants,” when police are allowed to enter the suspect’s home unannounced – a tragic situation that led to the accidental murder of a black woman, Breonna Taylor, in March 2020.

The most sophisticated measures taken by the senators are yet to be debated would be to abolish the current legal protections that prevent public prosecutions from police officers accused of misconduct.

While it is not easy to enter a very different Congress, Biden is hopeful that the power released after Floyd’s death “will help move the law forward.”

To confirm that there is still hope for the bill, House Democrat Karen Bass, Senate Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Senator Tim Scott issued a joint statement on Monday citing “progress.”

They said that this reminder serves as a poignant reminder of why we need to make meaningful changes. While we are still resolving our differences on important issues, we continue to make progress for consensus and remain optimistic.

For Biden himself, hosting Floyd’s “real conversation” would be a moving moment, Psaki said.

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