World Health Assembly under lens as demand for fuller probe into China link to Covid-19 grows

In the midst of a US intelligence report promoting a major investigation into the possibility of the Covid-19 virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, the World Health Assembly convened today to approve the decision to establish a working government government all and then take further steps. The WHA could also consider a global epidemic to close the gaps found in these three reports and make it a legal obligation to nations to prevent any future outbreaks of disease.

According to Geneva experts, there is not much to expect from the WHA without a decision and they ask the WHO to set up a team of experts to launch a second phase of investigations into the virus. A team of experts had pointed fingers at the origin of zoonotic and potential leaks with food additives. “Under the President of Bhutan, the WHA will meet at 10am today (1.30pm IST). There is not much to look forward to in the talks although 1.6 billion people have been affected and 3.4 million people have lost their lives to the disease,” he said.

The WHA meeting comes at a time when the Wall Street Journal reported that three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute became seriously ill and had to be hospitalized in November 2019. A True State Department paper had stated several reports the WSJ.

World Health Assembly under lens as demand for fuller probe into China link to Covid-19 grows
World Health Assembly under lens as demand for fuller probe into China link to Covid-19 grows

The report continues to provide up-to-date information on the number of researchers involved, the duration of their illnesses, and their hospital visits.

The Wall Street Journal reported that current and former officials who knew the wisdom of laboratory investigators had expressed differing views on the strength of the experimental evidence.

One person said it was provided by a foreign partner and was very important but still needed further investigation and further consolidation.

Someone described intelligence as powerful. “The information we had from various sources was of excellent quality. It was very accurate. What they did not tell you was that they were sick,” he said, referring to investigators, according to the report.

A WHO report on the origin of coronavirus was released in March and concluded that “it is very unlikely that the coronavirus, which has killed millions worldwide, appeared in the workplace in China”.

The report found that transmitting the virus from bats to humans through another animal is a highly feasible situation.

“The ideas of accidental evacuation on board and zoonotic spillover (from animals to humans) are still valid, and more research is needed to determine the origin of the epidemic,” read a letter from WHO scientists who visited Wuhan in February.

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