Prince William and Harry slam the BBC over ‘deceitful’ Diana interview

British Prince William has strongly criticized the BBC for the failure of his late mother, Princess Diana, saying a way to deceive a journalist on a U.K. broadcaster. He had a special conversation with her in 1995 that deepened her feelings of loneliness and strengthened her parents’ relationship with him.

In a separate statement that was issued simultaneously on Thursday, Prince Harry blamed the media culture for the toxicity on his mother’s death.

William and Harry’s comments came shortly after an investigation revealed that the BBC’s Martin Bashir had used false methods to win a conversation with Diana and that the broadcaster wanted to hide the matter.

Diana died in a car accident in Paris at the age of 36 in 1997. Two years earlier, during a BBC “Panorama” interview, more than 20 million people watched as Diana shared details of her marriage with Prince Charles, the heir to the throne.

Princes William and Harry slam the BBC over ‘deceitful’ Diana interview
Prince William and Harry slam the BBC over ‘deceitful’ Diana interview

Willian who is the governor of Cambridge said in a statement that It is his opinion that the deceptive power of the dialogue greatly influenced what his mother said. This discussion has been instrumental in making his parents’ relationship difficult and has since hurt many others.

“It brings indescribable sadness to know that the BBC’s failure has had a profound effect on his fears, divisions and divisions that I remember from the last years he was with her,” he added.

Late last year, the BBC launched an investigation following allegations from Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, that he had been deceived by introducing him to Bashir. The results of the investigation, led by former chief justice John Dyson, found that Bashir had sent fake bank statements by a photographer working for the BBC.

They thought to show bank transactions suggesting that Diana was disturbed by security and that two senior aides were paid to provide information about her. The BBC said an investigation had found that Bashir “showed Earl Spencer the counterfeit papers, so that he could be trusted so he would introduce Bashir to Diana.” It said Bashir repeatedly lied to his superiors about how the conversation got through, while senior members of the broadcaster allegedly failed to properly assess the nature of the events.

Bashir has apologized for the false statements. However, she also said she stood for the evidence she gave 25 years ago and more recently, saying bank statements were “unfounded” in Diana’s choice to take part in the interview.

“The outbreak of a culture of exploitation and misbehavior has finally taken his life,” Harry said in a separate statement.

For those who have taken some form of accountability, we are grateful that you are the owner of it. He said that this is the first step towards justice and truth and that what worries me the most is that practices like this – and even worse – are widespread today. Then, and now, it is bigger than one store, one network, or one book.

Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, stepped down from their positions as working incumbents early last year, citing the hostility of the British tabloid media who said Buckingham Palace had failed to protect them.

“He’s just failed by a cruel journalist, but BBC leaders are looking the other way instead of asking tough questions,” William said of his mother.

He added saying that this failure, which the investigating investigators found, not only disappointed my mother and my family; bringing the community down.

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