Book on Aarushi Talwar’s murder case takes critical look at judicial system

Delays in the delivery of justice as in the case of Aarushi Talwar’s assassination are unfortunate in both the courts and the public, said Rajesh Talwar, a UN lawmaker and author and author of the Noida man who was found dead that day 13 years ago.

“The speedy court alone does not help. We need critical and competent judges to deal with certain types of cases,” he said.

In his book “The Killing of Aarushi and the Murder of Justice”, he has emphasized the need for the best professional opinion, and also the best judge to examine that opinion and other evidence.

Aarushi’s murder case is yet to be resolved.

Talwar shared that the medical experts on behalf of the prosecutors were utterly self-contradictory and extremely stupid, how the so-called experts were unaware of the common gynecological causes and that how all the evidence was destroyed by the investigators by themselves.

According to Talwar, what such cases and the following cases tell us about the deteriorating justice situation, where the real issue is whether the justice system will collapse, or has already collapsed.

Book on Aarushi Talwar's murder case takes critical look at judicial system
Book on Aarushi Talwar’s murder case takes critical look at judicial system

He said that what the public has to say is that our leaders are not planning ahead for the most important issues, be it coronavirus or justice delivery.

He points out that the whole business of appointing a quick court is nothing but “critical hand”.

It improves the community, Talwar said, adding that “Whenever there is Aarushi, Nirbhaya, Jessica Lal, or the Priyadarshini Mattoo case, there is peace and the government orders that the case be placed on the railway line.”

She is of the opinion that justice for women will not improve until such time as there is a complete development of justice.

He said that it will not happen until the time when we will significantly increase investment in the justice system. Talwar also cited the lack of proper data management and tracking as a reason for the increase in crimes against women.

He said that for rapists, it is the rapists who are known to be repeat offenders. A few months after the charges against the accused or the rapist have been committed, the person will be out on bail, and will remain on bail for up to 10 years, during which time his name cannot be found on any details.

Due to the delay in the justice system, these child rapists roam completely free, during long delays of justice they continue to live wherever they want, perhaps in an area full of young children playing in the park for example, and eat any other young child, now better trained to avoid detection by court. and their experience in prison, he adds.

Delays in the justice system such as Aarushi’s assassination have made false accusers such as Talwars and victims suffer, he said.

“There is no closure. It is bad to think of the Talwars’ harassment. The Supreme Court decision has hung over their heads,” he added.

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