Cher turns 75: Zendaya to Dua Lipa, celebrity red carpet looks inspired by Cher

Imagine that the Goddess of Pop and Cher would be the first name that comes to mind. The 75-year-old Academy Award winner, singer, actor, television personality and fashion icon made her the first to enter the glamorous world in the 60s, and the Dancing Queen singer never looked back. Born as Cherilyn Sarkisian, this amazing septuagenarian turns 75 today (May 20), and is a testament to aging – if Cher’s strength, timelessness and beauty can be seen as proof of aging – kindly.

From the get-go, Cher was a pedestrian, and once remarked famously about her that she used to wear designs and costumes, “I was just running out of time.” Cher has always shown off oodles of self-confidence and her famous humorous humor in her looks and performances, and the multi-talented star was not afraid to tell it as it is. Growing up, tall and with long black hair rubbing at the waist, Cher had a very different look in the 60s and 70s when blonde bombs were angry, but the Oscar winner was able to create a new space, pushing the boundaries of beauty long before selfishness and acceptance became words. keywords in conversations.

Cher has shown that women can also succeed, if not, there are men in the male-dominated industry, and to this day she continues to be the only female artist to have the number one Billboard number (from 1960 to 2010) for six straight years. Aside from her powerful personality, funny quips and a catchy voice, Cher is known for bringing out some of the most amazing and embarrassing ensembles.

Most of Cher’s red carpet was the creation of composer and his old friend Bob Mackie the artist he first worked with in the 70s. Bob’s creation of Cher used to show off his absboard abs and flawless body, often giving the impression that he was naked. However, in an interview with Vogue, Bob Mackie clarified, “Not everything I did for Cher was arousing. She had never looked dirty in anything because she had an unusual body and she was well-behaved – she dressed like she was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. ”

Celebrities on the Instagram era are often seen wearing the same styles, styles and outfits, Mackie said to them, “You just keep seeing the same thing over and over again and there’s nothing surprising. Unfortunately, you don’t see much fashion anymore.  Cher has an unparalleled sense of style, and her fashion influence continues to inspire fashion designers, costume designers and celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Emily Ratajkowski and Jennifer Lopez.

Cher turns 75: Zendaya to Dua Lipa, celebrity red carpet looks inspired by Cher
Cher turns 75: Zendaya to Dua Lipa, celebrity red carpet looks inspired by Cher

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities who takes inspiration from Cher many times. While Kim dressed as the singer more than once, the appearance of the star of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians of the 2015 MET Gala inspired Cher’s appearance with a similar event in 1974.

Kim’s Roberto Cavalli feather dress took inspiration from the same look seen in Cher and the founder of SKIMS couldn’t help but tell the Heart of Stone artist about it. Kim even shared a photo of Cher in the first group and wrote, “Today’s inspiration! Cher at the 1st ever Met Gala! I just met her and told her that the photo was the inspiration for my outfit tonight! She’s so beautiful! I’m so glad I met her!”

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Following in her footsteps, Kim’s younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner also appeared to be inspired by a naked dress. The sisters teamed up with the 2019 Verace for the MET Gala and wore the same outfit with feathers in orange and purple.

Designer Bob Mackie, who created Cher’s white and beaded dress with a naked wing, told Vogue, “It created a lot of controversy. In those days, Time kept its covers to world leaders or someone who invented something important, such as a vaccine. There was Cher on the cover of that amazing piece of clothing, with newsstands on sale almost immediately. Some cities have even banned it from being sold – which is ridiculous considering how some stars are able to keep their clothes available today. ”


Cher won the Academy Award for Best Actress of Moonstruck in 1988, but interestingly, Amazonia’s incredible beauty has not gone unnoticed by the Oscar-red carpet since 2000. the appearance of those who still do. One of these characters was Zendaya, who walked the red carpet of the Oscars in 2021 in a yellow, canary with Valentino’s waist.

From the show of costume and color, to her sheep-like head, Zendaya looked like she had gone to a Halloween shop and chose the ‘Cher in the 70s’ costume. Law Roach, who writes about Zendaya’s appearance, even shared a picture of Cher wearing a piece of Bob Mackie’s inspiration and wrote: “Continuous inspiration.”

Dua Lipa

Another Gen-Z icon that inspired Cher was Dua Lipa, who wore a Versace dress on the 2021 Grammys red carpet, which had been inspired by Cher’s Grammys’ appearance since 1974.

Cher was dressed in a white belt and a matching maxi skirt, adorned with blue and pink butterfly pins, and a similar pin adorned her hair.

Taking an inspo from Cher, Dua’s appearance also included crystals and a large butterfly wing on the front of her dress.

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