Coronavirus: Las Vegas Strip rules to end for vaccinated

The Las Vegas Strip and surrounding area will be fully open to vaccinated eaters, dancers, shoppers and club travelers from June 1. Clark County attorneys Tuesday followed CDC guidelines and failed plans to commit business entry to the coronavirus vaccine levels.

The unanimous vote came after public speakers expressed outrage and frustration at the epidemic limits – especially their effects on school children.

Nevada boss Steve Sisolak on Friday aligned the government’s demands with the CDC’s recommendations issued the previous day. The CDC says people who are fully vaccinated can stop abstaining from wearing masks outside in crowds and in many homes.

Most Las Vegas casinos are already back to 100% residential and there are no social disruptions under the auspices of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

According to a Bloomberg report, Wynn Resorts Ltd. and Las Vegas Sands Corp., two Nevada casino operators, will tell vaccinated visitors that they can stop wearing masks, following new guidelines from national and provincial regulators.

Wynn plans to begin delivering that message to customers on Friday evening, hoping guests will take appropriate action depending on their vaccination conditions, according to the statement. Sands said while it would not ask for vaccinated donors to wear masks, workers still needed to do so for now.

MGM Resorts International, the largest casino operator on the Las Vegas Strip, and Caesars Entertainment Inc., the largest in the U.S., have also eliminated the coverage requirements for vaccinated guests.

The companies are among the first to amend their face-to-face and social policies following a revised guide Thursday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The organization said vaccinated people could stop wearing masks inside and out in almost all cases.

Coronavirus: Las Vegas Strip rules to end for vaccinated
Coronavirus: Las Vegas Strip rules to end for vaccinated

Late Thursday, Nevada renewed its health guidelines, saying people who are completely vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask at home. It also said companies are not allowed to ask donors about their vaccination status.

Earlier in the week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board began giving casinos the opportunity to raise concerns against the public. Wynn, MGM and Caesar have said they will remove power limits from their casinos.

Caesars rose 4.5% to $ 98.61 at the end of New York, while Wynn gained 3.5%. Others also moved on.

Wynn, which has a 91% strike rate in Las Vegas, said it removes plexiglass dividers from all table games and slot machines.

MGM said it still maintains an 80% power limit and the requirement to cross 3 feet at the casino, including restaurants and pools.

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