Wrestler murder case: No relief to Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar, court denies anticipatory bail

The Delhi Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday refused to grant bail to Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar in connection with the Chhatrasal Stadium riots that left the fighter dead.

Additional Session Judge Jadgish Kumar denied the release of Sushil Kumar, who was charged with murder, kidnapping and criminal conspiracy.

Wrestler Sagar Rana has died, and two of his friends who were Sonwab and Amit Kumar, have been injured, after they were allegedly attacked by Sushil Kumar and other rivals on May 4 night, on the grounds of the national capital.

Fearing about the arrest, the international tournament moved to the Rohini court in Delhi on May 17 seeking pending bail, confirming that the investigation against him was biased and that no injuries were caused by him.

In the application, the actor has shown a willingness to join the investigation and provide a “real and accurate picture of the incident” to help the investigating agency reach a logical conclusion.

Sushil Kumar’s application appears the statement of the victims has been recorded and allegations of money laundering have been made. There is no need for an investigation into the custody of the child because nothing will be found in the case of the applicant.

He asserted that his confession had also been obtained through the torture, but that his confession had not been obtained through the torture.

However, Additional Public Prosecutor Atul Srivastava, who represented the police, told the court that there was electronic evidence where he could be seen “with a stick and beating” a wrestler.

The Prosecutor also alleged that Sushil’s passport had been confiscated to inform authorities as there were fears he could flee the country.

According to Inspector Officer Dinesh Kumar, the Investigating Officer (IO), a wrestler’s investigation into the child custody case is necessary to uncover the conspiracy and to obtain a weapon against him.

The Investing Officer told the court that he is the main culprit in the incident, which played a key role in the crime. The information obtained by FSL experts confirms his role in the commission of the crime.

Attorney General Sidharth Luthra, representing the accused, told the court that Suu, who was present at the time of the altercation, was a member of history, a member of the Kala Jatheria gang and had various charges against him.

“These people, I am dealing with, are people who think crime and I will suffer at their hands,” Luthra told the court on behalf of Kumar. Sushil Kumar has been fleeing since Rana’s death and police are making efforts to track him down by raiding the Delhi-NCR region and neighboring countries.

Delhi police have filed a MOTO case under 302 categories (murder), 308 (culpable homicide), 365 (kidnapping), 325 (severely injured), 323 (voluntary self-injury), and 341 (wrong restraint) and 506 (criminal intimidation).

It was also registered under 188 (Non-compliance with orders by government employees), 269 (negligent act that may have spread infection), 120-B (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (general purpose) of the Indian Penal Code and and various categories under the Arms Act.

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