Pelosi calls for US, world leaders to boycott China’s 2022 Olympics

U.S. House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday called for a strike by US officials at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, accusing China of human rights abuses and saying that world leaders present would lose their moral integrity.

U.S. legislatures have been talking a lot about the Olympic strike or stadium change, and have attacked American companies, protesting their silence over what the State Department has considered as the genocide of the Uyghurs and other minority nations in China attacking the Chinese government.

Pelosi, a Democrat, told a bipartisan congressional hearing that heads of state around the world should avoid the games, scheduled for February.

“What I am proposing – and joining those who are proposing – is a political strike,” said Pelosi, as “the world’s leading nations are holding on to the Olympics.”

He added saying that let us not disrespect the Chinese government by having heads of state go to China.

“In order for the heads of state to go to China because of the ongoing genocide – while you are sitting there in your seat – you are really asking for this question, what is your moral authority to reclaim human rights anywhere in the world?” He said.

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Pelosi calls for US, world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics
Pelosi calls for US, world leaders to boycott China’s 2022 Olympics

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The UN Security Council said in 2018 that it had received credible reports that at least one million Uyghurs and other Muslims had been detained in camps in China’s Xinjiang region. Beijing describes itself as a training ground for the work of eliminating fraud, and strongly condemns allegations of torture and killings.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Pengyu told Reuters that US efforts to intervene in China’s domestic affairs at the Olympics would fail.

“I wonder what makes some American politicians think they have so-called” moral authority “? In human rights issues, they have no place, historically or now, to deliberately criticize China,” Liu said.

Republican Prime Minister Chris Smith, who presided over the hearing, said corporate sponsors should be called to testify before Congress and “considered”.

Smith saic that the Big business wants to make a lot of money, and it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of cruelty – even genocide – is being perpetrated by a united nation.

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern added that the Games should be postponed to give the International Olympic Committee the opportunity to “relocate to a country where his government is not brutal.”

McGovern also said that If they can postpone the Olympics annually for a pandemic, we can postpone the Olympics for a year to end the catastrophe, he said that by referring to a decision by Japan and the IOC to delay the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo due to covid19.

Last month, Republican Senator Mitt Romney introduced an amendment to comprehensive anti-China laws that would deal with American violence.

And the human rights federation on Tuesday called on athletes to boycott the Games and put pressure on the IOC.

Officials from U.S. President Joe Biden have said they hope to work together to partner with participants in the Beijing Olympics, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken has repeatedly said the issue has not been discussed.

Asked about Pelosi’s comments, a senior management official told Reuters that the management position at the 2022 Olympics had not changed.

Biden, a Democrat, said China was a rival to the United States, and promised not to allow the country to overtake the United States as a world leader on his watch.

American organizers competing in the Beijing Olympics say it was inappropriate to punish athletes, and the Games will give the United States a stadium, one of the highest in terms of Winter Olympic medals, to show its strength at world level.

Sarah Hirshland, chief executive of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, said in a statement that the committee was concerned about “oppression of the Uyghur people,” but banning American athletes from the Games “is not the answer.

He said that the previous Olympic boycott failed to achieve political goals.

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