Tokyo doctors call for cancellation of Olympic Games due to COVID-19

A top medical organization has lost weight in Tokyo’s Olympic cancellation campaigns, saying hospitals are already frustrated as the country struggles with an increase in coronavirus infections less than three months after the Games began.

The Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association, which represents about 6,000 primary care physicians, says hospitals in the city’s sports facilities are “overcrowded and powerless to help” during a growing epidemic.

“We strongly urge the authorities to show the IOC (International Olympic Committee) that hosting the Olympics is difficult and that its decision to suspend the games is difficult,” the organization said in a May 14 letter to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga posted on Monday.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by the shortage of medical personnel and hospital beds in some parts of Japan’s capital, urging the government to increase the third emergency in Tokyo and many other states until May 31.

“The medical facilities that work with COVID-19 are overcrowded and almost helpless,” the medical organization said in its letter.

Doctors will face additional difficulties in dealing with heat-exhausted patients in the summer months and if the Olympics play a role in the rise in mortality “Japan will bear the brunt of the burden”, he added.

Some health professionals and medical teams have expressed concern about the Olympics, while an online application seeking the cancellation of the Games was signed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Tokyo doctors call for cancellation of Olympic Games due to COVID-19
Tokyo doctors call for cancellation of Olympic Games due to COVID-19

Overall, Japan has avoided the spread of the virus by other nations, but the government has been widely criticized for its vaccination.

Only 3.5% of its estimated 126 million people have been vaccinated, according to a Reuters fan.

Emphasizing the challenges of vaccination, booking plans for the high-end venues being introduced in Tokyo and Osaka – which began accepting bookings on Monday – were hampered by technical problems.

But Suga says that Japan can host a safe and secure game of Olympics by following the appropriate steps of COVID-19.

Preparations for July 23-Aug. Eight games are underway under strict COVID-19 agreements, as the athletic testing event involving 420 athletes in early May.

Games have been postponed once due to the epidemic.

With cases reaching large parts of Asia, the World Economic Forum on Monday canceled its annual elite global conference to be held in Singapore in August.

Under emergency in some parts of Japan, bars, restaurants, bars and other bars will remain closed, although large commercial establishments may be reopened in less than a few hours. The hard-working Tokyo and Osaka will continue to keep these large buildings closed.

The number of cases nationwide dropped to 3,680 on Monday, the lowest level since April 26, according to community radio presenter NHK, but the number of serious illnesses reached a record high of 1,235, the health department said on Tuesday.

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