KK Shailaja, Ex-Minister Who Won By Biggest Margin, Not In Kerala Cabinet

UKK Shailaja, who has been praised for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak as Minister of Health in Kerala, will not be part of a new Left-led government cabinet. The LDF, which ignores tradition and won the second consecutive election, will have a new cabinet in which Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will be alone.

AN Shamsheer who is a CPM member said that no one working in the LDF department is part of this new department other than the Prime Minister. This is the decision of our team. Only our team has the courage to do that. Many high-profile players are also not allowed to run. We want a new face,” said AN Shamsheer.

According to the reports that were given, the new cabinet candidates are MV Govindan, K Radhakrishnan, KN Balagopal, P Rajeev, VN Vasavan, Saji Cherian, V Sivankutty, Mohd Riyas, Dr R Bindu, Veena George and V Abdul Rahman.

KK Shailaja’s isolation has sparked widespread outrage on social media, even among rivals such as Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.

He said that he was sorry to see Shailaja Teacher leave the Kerala Cabinet. In addition to her skills and efficiency, I always find her helpful, responsive and accessible as Minister of Health, especially during the #Covid crisis. She will miss you. Taroor, a Member of Parliament for Kerala, wrote on Twitter.

Many vacancies have been left for the departure of a minister whose performance may have contributed to his election victory.

UKK Shailaja aka “Shailaja Teacher” has been named as the “health minister” of the rockstar for his handling of the Covid outbreak in Kerala, a country that achieved its first success in monitoring the spread of the virus in the first wave. He was also thanked for his role in testing the Nipah virus.

KK Shailaja, Ex-Minister Who Won By Biggest Margin, Not In Kerala Cabinet
KK Shailaja, Ex-Minister Who Won By Biggest Margin, Not In Kerala Cabinet

In September, UK-based magazine Prospect nominated KK Shailaja as “Top Thinker of the Year 2020”.

In the Kerala constituency, he had won his Mattannur constituency by the highest election in any of the Kerala constituencies.

Speaking on the day of his victory, the 64-year-old CPM leader had told NDTV: “Whether I will be the Minister of Health is something that will be decided when a Cabinet decision is made. So I can’t be sure yet.”

He added saying that what he wants to highlight is that they have faced many challenges during their tenure and that they have had a devastating storm, floods, the Nipah virus, and the COVID-19 epidemic but they have always stood by this event. People have seen this and that they are happy with the model of governance in Kerala.

The CPM politburo MA Baby told that there are many other first ministers, top party leaders who have done very well. None have been included in the new government. The same approach has been used for all. The new face will have the opportunity to play like their predecessors.

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