Bodies of Covid-19 victims among those dumped in Ganga river: Govt

Bodies of Covid-19 victims among those dumped in Ganga river: Govt. The bodies of the victims of Covid-19 were found dumped in some of India’s rivers, the country’s government said in a letter seen by Reuters, the first official declaration of a shocking policy that said it could be caused by poverty and disease.

Images of corpses flooded into the Ganges River, which Hindus regard as sacred, shocking a nation trembling at the spread of disease in the world.

Although the media has linked the recent increase in the number of such bodies to the epidemic, the northern province of Uttar Pradesh, home to 240 million people, has so far not revealed the cause of death.

“Authorities are aware that Covid-19 victims’ bodies and any other disease are being dumped into rivers instead of being dumped traditionally,” said senior government official Manoj Kumar Singh on May 14. A letter to regional heads was reviewed by Reuters.

He said that as a result, bodies have been found in rivers in many places.

Singh confirmed the letter to Reuters but said an autopsy on the bodies of four to five bodies of the state-sanctioned Ghazipur did not reveal a virus infection.

He also said in a text message that the corpses are rotten, so I’m not sure if this condition could be found with a corona positive.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged officials on Saturday to intensify rural health services and increase awareness as the virus spreads rapidly in those areas, after destroying cities.

Uttar Pradesh, home to more people than Brazil or Pakistan, has been hit hard by India’s second surprise Covid-19 attack. Health experts say most cases are not found in state districts, which is home to many people.

Bodies of Covid-19 victims among those dumped in Ganga river: Govt
Bodies of Covid-19 victims among those dumped in Ganga river: Govt

In the memo, Singh said the lack of funds for items such as firewood, religious beliefs in some communities, and families abandoning victims out of fear of the disease were some of the more common reasons for garbage disposal.

He called on city-level officials to ensure that no bodies were thrown into the water and said the government would pay poor families 5,000 rupees ($ 68) per person to burn or bury the bodies.

The state has also asked the police to guard the rivers to stop the practice.

India has officially reported about 4,000 deaths every day as a result of the disease in about two weeks, but health experts say the number of payers may be too high due to factors such as improper screening in rural areas.

Escape rates have led to a shortage of crematoriums in many places and increased costs for funeral services.

On Saturday, Uttar Pradesh spokeswoman Navneet Sehgal denied media reports that 2,000 bodies of potential victims had been dumped from rivers in the neighboring province of Bihar in recent days.

“We continue to find 10 to 20 corpses regularly,” Sehgal told Reuters, adding that some riverside villages did not burn people dead because of Hindu culture at times of religious significance.

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