Radhe Movie Review : High on brawn, baddies and brutal action

As young people in Mumbai become victims of drug abuse, suspended police officer Radhe (Salman Khan) is called to the cleanup. But Radhe faces a dangerous new law, Ranaep (Randeep Hooda), which has no control over the city.

REVIEW: Completely set in Mumbai, your ‘Radhe Wanted Most Bhai’ is a Salman Khan character who doesn’t try to be anything else, forever. Radhe is an expert in 97 meetings and mergers and 23 transfers of his debt, over the past decade. Now that the city is under the control of the fearsome drug mafia, it is time for Radhe to return and kick back a bit. But between beating the bad guys and on the other hand saving lives, Radhe also finds time to flirt with the sister of his boss Diya (Disha Patani).

For the big regular port with a big Bollywood ticket, most of what Radhe puts in, is on the expected lines. In such films, the battle is always about the balance between falling clichés and giving away new things, while keeping the entertainment scene high. Director Prabhudheva, of course, offers many temptations like these that can disrupt the narrative, but because of the endless action and horrible person, the film remains spectacular, in some respects.

Radhe Movie Review : High on brawn, baddies and brutal action
Radhe Movie Review : High on brawn, baddies and brutal action

While it starts with a dramatic impact when a bad guy hits another bullet, the next series of confrontation scenes between Salman and Randeep, is the perfect way. The act (performed by Myeonghaeng and Anbariv) is crude, brutal and style with a lot of bloodshed.

However, there are too many distractions along the way. The heroine of the film is leading among them is the film’s heroine Disha Patani. He’s the perfect candy and adds a lot of glamor to the scenes, but his track doesn’t really produce a story. The uncertainty of his personality gives him little opportunity to act and also diminishes the power of the story at hand. All the urgency stops grinding when the song and its dance time with his chorus on some of the peppy songs in the songs placed in the wrong way. Among them are the main track (by Sajid-Wajid) and Dil De Diya featuring Jacqueline Fernandez (by Himesh Reshammiya). The background points (of Sanchit and Ankit Balhara) are very noisy but add to the impact where needed.

Prabhudeva relies heavily on the ability of the star Salman, style and swag to carry out the narrative and it works when our leading man packs a fist. But beyond that action, we are left with filmy conversations, his lack of chemistry with Disha Patani and a humorous exchange with Jackie Shroff, who plays Salman’s top role as a senior police officer. Randeep Hooda is big and cruel in his actions and he does every minute on screen, count. There are so many other villains in this pack of baddies, they just end up being over and over again. There are attempts to add humor – through conversations and situations – to this film of difficult action, but it doesn’t always work. In terms of its size, ‘Radhe …’ has features that are worthy of being a big screen but given the current COVID issue in India, all Bhai fans most of whom will have to do by watching this EID release on a small screen.

We’re not sure if this is the most sought-after film in Bhai, but if you’re a fan of the action, there are enough ammo to keep you invested. That apart from that, ‘Radhe…’ has some moments of seeti maar (face-to-face between good and evil) and other walks and walks that will make Salman Khan’s fans happy, too.

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