Rae Bareli: 17 deaths in a month in a single village , read to know more

Rae Bareli: 17 deaths in a month in a single village , read to know more. AS VEHICLES stand in front of a temporary wooden bar on a paved road, Avinash Prasad lifts his mask and tells people to turn around. “There is Covid in this house. The government has turned the area into placards, killing 18 people a month, ”he said.

This is one of the entrances to Sultanpur Khera district in the UP’s Rae Bareli region. And behind the barrier is Prasad’s home, where members of his family are sitting on a bed in the yard.

Nearby, Dinesh Singh, a banker, reads a list of those who died here last month after showing symptoms such as the flu: 17 out of 18.

 Singh said that for days, they believed it was a common cold and cough. After that, people started dying, they were shocked.

Of the 17, residents said 15 had not tested Covid, or taken to hospital. And that’s why, they say, official records only show Covid’s death from the village of 3,000 in April. Singh said that the 18th death was a girl, who had a congenital heart disease and had no symptoms of Covid at all.

Rae Bareli: 17 deaths in a month in a single village , read to know more
Rae Bareli: 17 deaths in a month in a single village , read to know more

Among the 15 who died unanswered was Ram Samjivan Sahu, who was in charge of the stall. Sahu’s son Ganesh also said that for three days, he had a fever and a fever. So they took him to a local doctor, who gave him a basic medicine. After that her breathing became difficult, and we began searching for oxygen. But he died very quickly (April 27).

Rae Bareli is one of the most populous rural districts in India’s most populous Covid region.

Last year, during the first wave, the daily number of cases in the region reached 110 on October 2, and 670 active cases on September 19. This year, there were 4 166 active cases on April 26, and 376 new cases. and four are dead. Since then, numbers have shown dip.

The district registered 331 new cases and three deaths, with 3,794 active cases on April 29th. On May 9, the numbers sank in 112 new cases and three deaths by 1,558 active tapes. But in the village, where the trails, the bazaar world, the temple and the handpumpump are all empty for nothing, there is a growing chorus that the numbers are numbered.

Singh, a banker, pulls out another list – of 14 people who have been placed in solitary confinement after being diagnosed with it. Singh said that in their village it is difficult to live alone. So he said that he go to each home, and make sure they stay inside. Or he call them to make sure they are happy and give them support.

Avdesh Gupta, 48, who worked at the Kirana store in the city, was one of two victims tested positive last month. “She had similar symptoms, colds, coughs and flu. Three days later, he was taken to a district hospital where he was tested positive for the virus and died, ”said Gupta’s new Manoj Kumar Gupta. He said that some of the dead could not be examined.

As Sultanpur Khera’s voice grew louder, district officials began work on May 2, closing the city and making an effort to inspect more people. Anshika Dikshit, Sub-Magistrate (SDM), Rae Bareli, said: “The whole village has been made a detention center and a ban has been imposed. The usual sanitisation has been going on for the past week. On May 2, we conducted nearly 150 tests, and eight people were infected. ”

Virendra Singh, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), said that in official records, only two people died of Covid in Sultanpur Khera last month. He said that they have received information about the deaths and cases in Sultanpur Khera in April. Of those, there were only two Covid tests. Some of them were old, and they may have had other incurable diseases, which caused deaths.

However, residents say that a week after the tests, there was another death – a Covid found patient, Bablu Savita, who ran a store that sold masks and textile products. “He was with Covid in March. Fourteen days later he was tested and found not to have it, ”said his niece, Prasant Kumar.

On May 9, Kumar claims to have been with his uncle. Kumar said that she woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning, but within two hours she had a headache and cried uncontrollably. After that, he fainted and that he tried to call an ambulance but could not get in. No one comes here to the village. Before they had a chance to think, he was dead.

The CMO says another 400-450 test is being conducted in the city the next day.

Since the last round of tests, Dinesh Singh has been scanning the UP government website for test results to see if there are any positive cases from the city.

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