My removal not linked to Kumbh, says former Uttarakhand CM Trivendra

Former Uttarakhand prime minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, in a special speech on Monday, dismissed recent reports that the instability of the industrial community that led to his removal as CM had replaced Tirath Singh Rawat.

There was a lot of talk because it was because Trivendra Rawat wanted to continue with the symbolic Maha Kumbh because of Covid-19’s accident that he was defeated by the jama dam, who also put pressure on his dismissal. He said that he don’t think the cardinals were annoying me. He also said that the observers understand the urgency of the epidemic and are prepared to continue with any kind of Kumbh situation that allows.

Trivendra Rawat added saying that during the Kumbh meeting, the saints and the akhada observers held several meetings with him, his cabinet colleagues and government officials. The Akhada members were reviewed on all information relating to Kumbh and never expressed displeasure. In fact, they had given in writing that they would accept any form of Kumbh as they, they were aware of the growing number of Covid cases.

He added, “We have strictly adhered to the guidelines issued by the Institute. Even the Prime Minister had no problem with the idea of   pratikatmak (symbolic) Kumbh after Covid-19. It is not right to link it with my removal. It is true that the first plan was to handle the divya that. “

My removal not linked to Kumbh, says former Uttarakhand CM Trivendra
My removal not linked to Kumbh, says former Uttarakhand CM Trivendra

Normally, Kumbh starts in early January with Makar Sankranti snan and lasts for four months. Initially, the plan was to look at only four lumps of shahi (March 11, April 12, April 14 and April 27) as Kumbh.

After much negotiation, towards the end of February, it was announced that Khumbh would be held for a month, from April 1 to 30. At that time, 91 lakh volunteers, according to official figures, came to Haridwar to take a dip in Ganga. In early March, Tirath Singh Rawat replaced Trivendra Rawat as Uttarakhand prime minister.

In one of his first acts after taking over as CM, Tirath Singh Rawat said “everyone is welcome at Maha Kumbh”. Later, he also clarified that the SOPs of the Center, which had ordered a negative report of RT-PCR testing to enter the Kumbh, would be followed up with a statement “simply removing fear and confusion”. The day after he took his oath of allegiance to CM on March 10, he visited Haridwar for the first shahi event on Maha Shivratri, on March 11.

Trivendra Rawat said, “It was clear to everyone that the Maha Kumbh would be temporary, with the limits proposed by the Center.”

Asked if he looks back, he thinks Kumbh has become a major distributor, saying, “I was scared of the spread of infection so my government has made plans accordingly. It is not right for me to comment on anything as the facts are now in the public eye.”

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