EU launches conference to debate its future with citizens

EU launches conference to debate its future with citizens. French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday expressed hope that Europe would once again find a way out of “big projects, ambitions and dreams” as the European Union unveiled a comprehensive consultation process aimed at shaping the future of the organization.

Macron spoke as part of Europe Day that the first event of the Future European Conference in the French city of Strasbourg.

Macron asked that do they want Europe in ten years, 15 years from now? Macron asked in his opening remarks, urging people to debate all major issues, from bloc borders to new institutions, cultural, educational and anti-climate change projects.

The process also targets that in order to bring the EU’s complex decisions closer to its 450 million citizens.

While promoting a European democratic model, based on solidarity, Macron acknowledged that “we have seen that sometimes Europe was not fast enough and probably did not have enough ambition.”

He called up on Europeans to be encouraged by the United States to rediscover different ways through which they can build the future and move faster.

The epidemic has shown that the EU lacks effective tools for emergency response to continental emergencies. The bloc was heavily criticized earlier this year for its slow-moving vaccination campaign compared to the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen said that the epidemic has been devastating … and like all trauma we need to find a way to talk about it if we want to get through it. He also said that and there is no better way to do that than to give attendees, hope and the ability to change things for the better.

The process is designed to allow “young people in particular to have a say” about the future of Europe, he said.

EU launches conference to debate its future with citizens
EU launches conference to debate its future with citizens

A digital platform and a series of conference-related events will also enable the people to share their views on the changes and developments they wish for the EU.

The conference will be made up of representatives from the European Parliament, member states, the European Commission, and representatives from all national parliaments, civil society, civil society and civil society.

European Parliament President David Sassoli said that as they are about to rebuild their economies and their communities on new foundations … he said that it is very important and urgent to listen to our people, hear their needs, their expectations, jobs, dignity, security and prosperity.

The summit is expected to reach a conclusion by providing guidance on the future of Europe in the spring of 2022.

Meanwhile, Macron also hopes and says that the European Parliament will be able to hold its next session in the month of June in Strasbourg, its official seat. European legislatures have not returned to the French city since February last year due to a bacterial crisis.

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