New CoWIN API guidelines helps to reduce the reliability of third-party alert services

The Indian government has released new CoWIN API guidelines for its vaccine website. The new API rules will adversely affect many third-party tools that have been helping people find the right place to vaccinate. This is because the guidelines now state that appointment availability data displayed by third-party tools will be cached and not real-time, which may result in information delays of approximately 30 minutes.

After being registered on the CoWIN platform, many users were unable to secure a vaccine site within the 18-44 age bracket on May 1. So developers have used the CoWIN API which allows them to build a variety of tools. These tools can also allow the users to be notified when 18-44 brackets and 45+ brackets are available in their area.

However, the new CoWIN API released by the Indian government makes all these tools obsolete with timely information on slot availability. With an expected delay of about 30 minutes, the number of slots available may decrease immediately when users receive their email or Telegram alerts.

The new guidelines that says about the availability of the data is limited and it may also may be up to 30 minutes old. In addition, APIs are also subject to a limit of 100 API calls per 5 minutes per IP, which affects their reliability even in some cases.

New CoWIN API guidelines helps to reduce the reliability of third-party alert services
New CoWIN API guidelines helps to reduce the reliability of third-party alert services

Tools and web pages have been useful for many citizens who simply wait for mail / Telegram information instead of checking the CoWIN platform daily. With the new changes, the most reliable way to look at the availability of vaccines in your area is the CoWIN website alone.

How can you check the availability of vaccine space?

Users who want to check the availability of a vaccine slot on their sites can still view the same using the CoWIN website. To do this, you need to the CoWIN website ( Here, users will see two ways to view availability. These are ‘region’ and ‘PIN code’

Users can select or select their region, or enter their PIN code to view the various spaces available in their area, sorted by date and age groups. See more details in the link below.

Since India began the process of registering a vaccine for its adults between the ages of 18 and 44, the process has seen many obstacles. This includes installing crash servers on May 1, the first day of registration, followed by a very low availability of facilities in most regions. The lack of these useful tools now means that finding information on slot availability can be very difficult.

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