Six US planes reached India in past 6 days carrying key Covid-19 supplies

Six US planes reached India in past 6 days carrying key Covid-19 supplies. The United States has so far sent six emergency flights to India, facing one of its worst public health problems.

Emergencies include 20,000 remdesivir studies (125,000 vials) to help treat critically ill patients, nearly 1,500 oxygen cylinders, which can be completed repeatedly at local delivery centers, and one million rapid diagnostic tests to quickly identify Covid-19 cases.

Six planes, lasting only six days, carried about 550 oxygen-carrying oxygen. These units are over five years old and can serve many patients at the same time, depending on their oxygen needs.

The US also sent about $ 2.5 million of N95 to protect health care professionals and other key personnel.

According to USAID, a widely used Oxygen concentration system that can provide oxygen to treat 20 or more patients simultaneously with 210 pulse oximeters to measure the oxygen levels in a patient’s blood to determine if the level of care needs to be sent to India.

The USAID said that the US government assistance to get over the current crisis is nearly about USD100 million. The United States is also in progress to work closely with the Indian officials and also with the health experts so that they can identify and also respond to emerging trends in this ongoing crisis.

The six shipments were only made possible because of a USAID-led whole-of-government effort. It also added saying that It included the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Health and Human Services, Travis Air Force Base, in partnership with the state of California, National Airlines, and United Airlines.

Six US planes reached India in past 6 days carrying key Covid-19 supplies
Six US planes reached India in past 6 days carrying key Covid-19 supplies

Last week, the USAID had also immediately allocated the funding to purchase locally an additional of about 1,000 mobile oxygen concentrators.

The life-saving units will be used in the number of hundreds for the primary health care facilities will be done to address the critical oxygen shortage of India.

The USAID said it is also supporting the Government for the efforts of India to stand up with a 150 Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen generating plants, which will also be allowing 150 healthcare facilities to generate their own oxygen for years to come.

Ronak D said. Desai who is an expert on US-India relations at Harvard University and an international lawyer representing Paul Hastings LLP said that the US official response over the past few days to India’s Covid tragedy underscores the depth and breadth of Washington’s unwavering commitment to India. Both the Biden and the US Congress have not made any effort to achieve this as proof of the strength and character of bilateral relations.

Observing and looking at the that Congressional efforts that were made to assist India in its darkest hour have also been proven to pervasive, bipartisan and bicameral, Desai said that the speed at which the members in both the House and Senate have mobilised to reduce the suffering of India serves as a potent reminder of the enduring goodwill that our country India continues to enjoy in the corridors of the US Congress.

He also said that the Great acclaim has been made by representatives of Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ro Khanna, Pramilia Jayapal, and Dr Ami Bera for their strong leadership in helping to consolidate the response of the Congress to India’s Covid crisis and bring national and international attention to the plight of India, why it is important, and why all Americans should care.

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