NHRC raises concern over Child rights Body during the Bengal violence: BJP to stage sit-in

NHRC raises concern over Child rights Body during the Bengal violence: BJP to stage sit-in. The leaders of the Baratiya Janta party will remain in West Bengal on Wednesday in protest of alleged violence by Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers in which at least 11 people from various political parties were killed. The national government has not confirmed the figure.

This is set to happen on the day that TMC chief executive Mamata Banerjee is expected to take the oath of office as West Bengal’s next chief minister after receiving a third term in the office elections.

BJP national president JP Nadda is also in government to participate in the conference. He arrived in West Bengal on Tuesday to meet the families of those killed in the violence that began after the announcement of the results of the May 2 general election.

NHRC raises concern over Child rights Body during the Bengal violence: BJP to stage sit-in
NHRC raises concern over Child rights Body during the Bengal violence: BJP to stage sit-in

On Sunday, the electoral commission counts votes for the general election, TMC won 213 of the 292 seats and took a third consecutive term.

The Baratiya Janata Party (BJP) office in Asansol was allegedly vandalized by TMC staff on Monday. In Kolkata again, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad which is known as the ABVP, the BJP student wing, alleges that the 15-20 party goons of incumbent Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee have invaded their office. It also says that these ‘bosses’ got into an argument with activists and attacked them. Although the office of the group was vandalized.

The officials of the Party had also claimed that the BJP office in Hooghly district was set on fire and that supporters’ shops were set on fire in several places. According to many reports, at least 11 people have been killed in the violence so far.

Following the violence, pressure rose on TMC when Prime Minister Narendra Modi summoned West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar. Various other leaders also condemned the violence and called on Banerjee to take strong action against the perpetrators.

On Tuesday, Bananjee held an emergency meeting with senior state officials. and directed them to increase their sensitivity in areas identified as serious violence. “The CM is deeply concerned about the situation and has instructed officials to take the necessary steps to restore order and order in areas where reports of violence and conflict have surfaced,” the PTI news agency said.

On Tuesday, the National Women’s Commission (NCW) said it had taken slow motion videos allegedly showing women being beaten in West Bengal’s Nandigram, the seat of an important assembly and political base in West Bengal. “Chairman Rekha Sharma has written to the Director-General of Police, West Bengal, to take immediate action to arrest the suspects without delay,” the NCW said in a statement.

The National Human Commission Commission (NHRC) also monitored the violence and instructed a fact-finding team to conduct a local investigation and send a report in advance, preferably within two weeks. The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) also wrote to West Bengal’s secretary general and expressed concern about the post-election violence, saying it had received complaints that many children had been recruited to take part in the incidents.

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