Maharashtra, Punjab, C’garh: Govt points out gaps in Covid containment strategy

The institute on Sunday wrote to Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Punjab outlining the response shared by 50 high-profile public health groups, which were deployed in the provinces testifying to the high incidence of coronavirus (Covid-19), saying they needed to strengthen measures to deal with the epidemic.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has asked health secretaries of the three countries to use the recommendations shared by the party to address the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases. The public health teams, working with the administration of these districts on a number of high-level cases, highlighted issues related to testing, hospital infrastructure, prevention activities, vaccine progress and appropriate Covid-19 conduct.


Intermediate groups in Maharashtra have reported that inspection capabilities in at least eight districts are frustrated. Satara, Bandara, Palghar, Amrawati, Jalna, Nanded, Buldhana and Latatur are delaying the reporting of test results. Teams have indicated that resistance to testing is also evident in Bandara. The district also reports a large number of cases from external content areas.

All 30 teams sent to Maharashtra reported that some were reluctant to follow the correct code of Covid-19. It called on the government to intensify its efforts to enforce the Covid-19 prevention measures.

Containment performance in the districts of Satara, Sangli and Aurangabad was substandard while student tracking activities for students in Burdhana, Satara, Aurangabad and Nanded were lower. The provinces of Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Nandurbar have reported high hospital stays while Aurangabad is in neighboring regions for the treatment of its critically ill patients. The groups urged district officials to address hospital-related problems.

Aurangabad, Nandurabar, Yawatmal, Satara, Palghar, Jalgoan and Jalna provinces have reported severe shortages of health workers. Institutional teams advised the appointment of contractors to address these issues. Pune and Bandara. Palghar and Osmanabad are facing problems with oxygen supply while Satara and Latatur have ineffective respirators that affect patients.

Maharashtra, Punjab, C'garh: Govt points out gaps in Covid containment strategy
Maharashtra, Punjab, C’garh: Govt points out gaps in Covid containment strategy


Chhattisgarh’s Korba, Durg and Balod districts are facing a shortage of RT-PCR testing facilities, emphasizing the middle group, which has also led to an increase in testing time. These three regions also see higher bedside rates. According to data shared by the central team, all ICU beds in these districts are already occupied and the central team has suggested that the national government assist the district administration to upgrade the hospital infrastructure in these districts. The Center team also revealed that Korba is facing a shortage of Remdesivir.

Durg, Jashpur and Rajnandangaon districts also reported shortages of health workers. The intermediate team also highlighted the lack of proper conduct of Covid-19 in Rajnandangaon. The team also expressed concern about content strategies in Raipur and Jashpur. It also highlighted the attacks on health workers in the village of Raipur in Daniel and saw resistance to preventive measures and testing of Covid-19. It also recommended that vaccination groups in Balod and Korba districts go through a refresher course.


Punjab-based teams say Patiala and Ludhiana are slowing down the people in the Covid-19 and are urging the government to take action. Both districts were also lagging behind in terms of book availability while testing rates in Patiala have also declined. The parties have stated that the SAS Nagar and Rupnagar districts do not have a dedicated Covid-19 hospital. This is the latest and has no dedicated RT-PCR laboratory. Rupnagar’s hospitals are also facing staff shortages due to poor equipment. Patiala and SAS Nagar also saw a shortage of health workers.

They also asked district officials to prioritize hospital infrastructure in SAS Nagar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana as hospital bed rates continued to rise due to an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infections.

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