The Big Bull movie review: Abhishek Bachchan film makes messiah out of criminal, is a daunting watch

The Big Bull movie review: Abhishek Bachchan film makes messiah out of criminal, is a daunting watch. Consider the SparkNotes version of any of Shakespeare’s works, Othello said. Now imagine the editor of SparkNotes deciding to make Iago a good boy, a voice of true kindness, who, out of the purity of his motives, helped Othello to get rid of his wife. Director Kookie Gulati’s The Big Bull that that’s a weird little version of SparkNotes of stockbroker and the story of the bad businessman Harshad Mehta. We already know who Shakespeare is in this story.

Freedom of art allows Kokie to tell his story no matter what he wants. Renaming his ‘protagonist’ Hemant Shah, a ‘India Times’, and cement company ‘NCC’ means that Kookie has more freedom than the 1992 Scam director Hansal Mehta. However, he used this power in a frustrating, almost shameful, way.

The Big Bull movie review: Abhishek Bachchan film makes messiah out of criminal, is a daunting watch
The Big Bull movie review: Abhishek Bachchan film makes messiah out of criminal, is a daunting watch

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Hemant Shah, played by the great Abhishek Bachchan, was made the messiah of many, but in the end. Most of the time in the film, Kookie emphasizes Hemant’s cunning methods, ridiculed at home by Abhishek’s illicit laughter, and insanity in three different situations. That’s three times more than it should have been.

Hemant is a Gujarati man in Mumbai who speaks near Gujarati. He lives a middle-class life between his brother (Sohum Shah) and mother (Supriya Pathak). First to clear his brother’s debt, and then to please his girlfriend’s father, Hemant devises ways to put his feet in the world of stocks and shares.

Warnings and criticisms come in abundance but Hemant is at the top of the fast-paced charity. Internal trading, a flawed banking system and corrupt officials help him reach the top of the totem pole. Falling into it is just quick.

However, the credibility of the film changes dramatically when Hemant will eventually be held accountable for his actions. His charges are pardoned, and the destruction he leaves behind is ignored. This last half hour is unbearable even as his critics crown him ‘Big Bull one’, praising him for bringing economic prosperity to the country.

Not to be overlooked are the victims of his failed ‘tips’ and how he greedily filled his wallet with money he had stolen from a world that had suffered. Hemant’s intentions were not for national welfare, but to get rich quick enough to protect a good wife, get into big leagues, and drink expensive scotch with financial friends.

Big Bull can’t escape under the long shadow released by last year’s Sram 1992: The Harsahd Mehta Story. Try as hard as you can, Hansal Mehta’s work-based program is always playing in the back of your mind with a lack of sequence of love songs, rap music ringing in your ears, and a slight burst of laughter with Patatik Gandhi laughing sweetly in his living room.

But without the added pressure of having to compete with their hot older sister, Big Bull is failing to tell a cohesive story. Most of the time, Kookie himself seems to rely on the audience who have already watched the show. Hemant, having met with constant criticism from journalist Mira (Ileana D’Cruz), decides to publish an advertisement in the newspapers, with the message ‘Hemant Shah is a liar’. When Scam 1992 donated the entire episode to his stunt, The Big Bull assumed he would already know what was written under the title and why it made an impact on him. You can’t have both options, Kookie.

Abhishek and Disney his humorous villain will definitely not be favorites of the awards season this year. And Ileana’s two strands of hair with whitener fluid is probably the fastest way I’ve ever seen. Sohum, instead of Hemant’s conscience, is annoyed at first as a terrible brother and later as a terrified little man Peter Pettigrew. The plays are not written at home, however, there is nothing in this film.

There are other battles we cannot just win. While it should never be a competition between two filmmakers and their works, disappointment is even worse when the difference is huge. We need to lock this bull now.

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