Strike of contemporary strokes in the pandemic era

Strike of contemporary strokes in the pandemic era. If the endless news of Covid escalation and all the sadness worries you, take refuge in the fascinating aura of modern art prepared to spell Delhiites! The week-long celebration, called Delhi Contemporary Art Week (DCAW), features seven city exhibitions that bring together the release of the fourth edition of this annual event. And the artwork shown will not only appear within the country, but the entire Indian subcontinent. On the side, there will be walks, interviews, workshops and more, to get you in the spirit of art.

Compiling this great exhibition are the participating exhibitions, namely Blueprint 12, Exhibit 320, Gallery Espace, Latitude 28, Nature Morte, Shrine Empire, Vadehra Art Gallery. While launching the event at Bikaner House, they will also be exhibiting, focusing on contemporary art, in their individual galleries. Commenting on this city-wide passion for contemporary art, Bhavna Kakar, event organizer and director of Latitude 28, says, “DCAW 2021 is the first, co-ordinating, great arts organization to build a post-festival epidemic and celebrate the unity, enthusiasm and determination of artists and arts institutions throughout the South. Asia as they have overcome many of the challenges presented by the global epidemic. After spending more than a year in the arts, we look forward to reviving the profession, as we all strive to put the arts back on its feet. “

Shimrimanti Saha, one of the participating artists, showcases his work called Confabulations, which consists of five small drawings and can be read as “dream situations, memory or written information” leading to a world of belief based on real experiences. Saha explains, “These drawings are like trustworthy short stories, and are actually critical narratives that run a fine line between truth and myth, real and absurd. Working between Covid was initially difficult, especially psychologically. The only way out was to accept it, rather than deal with it. I always worked hard at home. , so in Covid’s time my operating system was consistent and I was able to produce jobs consistently. ”

Strike of contemporary strokes in the pandemic era
Strike of contemporary strokes in the pandemic era

Artist Parul Gupta, who showcases his work at the event, says, “My interest in construction sites and their movements often takes two dimensions. This activity is one of the ways I have been looking to move in half a second. What if something moves to its original location and how do I take that moment of change? The use of color and pattern here is important to distinguish the many layers of ink lines from each other. ”

And visual artist Pranati Panda, who specializes in textiles and sewing, says her constant concern is finding time and time again, and personality on time. “Each line is sewn or drawn on purpose, and it is a line of communication between my hand and my mind. Each line works through my mind, and I can see little by little that the texture of my hand brings calmness to my life every time I sew. In these difficult times, living far from the outside world has led me to connect with the inner world. Social isolation, too, can have its ups and downs. I don’t mind being bored, I’ve got it right. It takes us a while and I can just see that everything is in the way of my art, ”he said.

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